Photos: The Ski Mountaineering World Championships In Verbier

In February, Andy and Jason Dorais packed up for the ISMF Ski Mountaineering World Championships in Verbier, Switzerland. The courses through the famous ski area of the Swiss Alps were perfect for spectators to watch the action, and Andy and Jason each gave their best in their respective events, skiing against the likes of Catalan superstar Kilian Jornet. The brothers competed in the sprint, vertical, team, individual and team relays. Here are a few highlights, courtesy of Andy and Jason. For more details, check out Andy and Jason's blogs.

Start of the individual race.

Jason Dorais topping out.

Andy passing a teammate during the sprint race.

"The American goes down." Andy still managed a 24th place finish overall, despite a spill at the start of the sprint race.

Racing through Verbier.

After the vertical race.