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Climbing Magazine on our Deadpoint climbing pants: “Body armor” made specifically for climbers

By M00o93H7pQ09L8X1t49cHY01Z5j4TT91fGfr, 30 August 2013

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    30 August 2013

  • M20o93H7pQ09L8X1t49cHY01Z5j4TT91fGfr

    Rock Climbing

​“When you’re battling an offwidth to a backwoods crag, shorts or featherweight climbing pants aren’t going to cut it—you need body armor. The Deadpoint Pants are made of burly cotton canvas reinforced in the knees, thighs and other key areas to prevent fast wear and shredded skin. But unlike jeans or Carhartts, these pants are built for climbers—the gusseted crotch and two percent spandex mean they stretch easily through the widest stems. ‘I bashed my knees the day before I climbed in these pants at Colorado’s Staunton State Park, so I was psyched to have some extra padding over my gobies. They didn’t restrict my movement at all during high-steps,’ one tester said.”