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The Gear Institute gives Floodlight jacket ‘Best In Show’

By M00o93H7pQ09L8X1t49cHY01Z5j4TT91fGfr, 01 February 2013

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    01 February 2013

  • M20o93H7pQ09L8X1t49cHY01Z5j4TT91fGfr

    Skiing & Snowboarding

Plenty of folks have been busy working on water-resistant down — big news in the outdoor industry in 2012. Big news in 2013 was our Floodlight jacket, which is not water-resistant down, but 850-fill down in an ultralight waterproof shell. A better idea? The folks at the Gear Institute said so in their “Best in Show” Awards from Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2013, calling it “The coolest insulated jacket we saw this year.”

Read the full review here.


Skiing & Snowboarding