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Flyway Collection

By M0e79751087d6b2095d106078b6df1b62d, 10 March 2014
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    10 March 2014

  • M1e79751087d6b2095d106078b6df1b62d

    Rock Climbing

Hi, I'm Mellissa, and the Pacific Northwest is my backyard and playground. One of my favorite styles for summer is the Flyway Hoody. I love the Flyway because it's super comfortable, and made from breathable, wicking, drirelease cotton. The Flyway comes in several styles. The Flyway tank is versatile and great for hiking, jogging or climbing. The casual Flyway dress is perfect for wearing around town. The Flyway fabric is cozy, soft and comfortable. Whether it's a hoodie, tank or dress there's a perfect piece for every adventure in the Flyway Collection.

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