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Helium Hybrid Jacket

By M0e79751087d6b2095d106078b6df1b62d, 10 March 2014
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    10 March 2014

  • M1e79751087d6b2095d106078b6df1b62d

Hi. I'm Tom, Athlete Ambassador for Outdoor Research, and this is the Helium Hybrid Jacket. This jacket's been designed for trail runs and moving through the alpine when the weather might be a little questionable. For quick climbs, it has the best of both world. The hood and shoulders are waterproof to shed light snow and rain, and the body is super breathable while still blocking the wind. It weighs next to nothing, so I can stuff into a chest pocket and clip it to my harness or drop it in my packs, and that way, I always have it with me. This is the jacket I grab early spring through late fall for misty morning trails runs or quick alpine ascents when I just want a little extra insurance.

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