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HighEx Collection

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    17 April 2013

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    Rock Climbing

High Exertion is more than the pace of your adventures. It’s the mindset, the tenacity, the drive that pushes you to move faster and go farther than you ever have before. And when you’re working your hardest, you need clothing that works just as hard as you. Lightweight, streamlined and highly-technical, our HighEx™ jackets, shirts, pants, shorts, hats and accessories do just that: wicking, breathing and maximizing your natural athleticism and letting you operate with no restrictions at the highest levels of your ability when trail running, fast packing, peak bagging and more.

Shop the HighEx Collection:

Men’s Redline Jacket™ -

Women’s Redline Jacket™ -

Men’s Long-Sleeve Torque Tee™ -

Women’s Long-Sleeve Torque Tee™ -

Men’s Short-Sleeve Torque Tee™ -

Women’s Short-Sleeve Torque Tee™ -

Men’s Throttle Shorts™ -

Women’s Throttle Shorts™ -

Men’s Echo Long-Sleeve Duo Tee™ -

Men’s Echo Graphic Tee™ -

Women’s Echo Long-Sleeve Tee™ -

Women’s Echo Graphic Tee™ -

Throttle Cap™ -

Swift Cap™ -

Echo Cap™ -


Rock Climbing