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SeamSeeker and AirBrake Gloves

By M0e79751087d6b2095d106078b6df1b62d, 18 March 2013
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    18 March 2013

  • M1e79751087d6b2095d106078b6df1b62d

    Rock Climbing

It can take years of painful jamming, smearing and Jumaring to build up the calluses of a veteran climber. And though hands that look and feel like an old baseball mitt can be seen as a badge of honor, sometimes you want to protect your paws on the rock. The SeamSeeker Gloves™ and AirBrake Gloves™ are rock climbing and belaying gloves with durable split-suede overlays, Kevlar stitching and gel pockets on the palm—to absorb and dissipate heat caused by the friction created during heavy ropework. Vents on the back of the fingertips allow perspiration to escape while maintaining total-hand protection.

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