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Sun Protection

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    17 April 2013

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    Rock Climbing

If you’re not careful, long days outside hiking, paddling or climbing can leave your skin damaged and burned. To keep you protected from damaging ultraviolet rays, Outdoor Research offers a full line of sun hats, and UV Protective shirts and pants designed to keep you sheltered from the sun.


See some of our Sun Protection products below:




Men’s Wayward Shirt 

Men’s Termini Shirt 

Men’s Echo Duo Tee 

Women’s Torque Tee 

Women’s Echo Hoody




Helios Sun Hat 

Sombriolet Sun Hat 

Oasis Sombrero 

Swift Cap 

Sun Runner Cap




Men’s Equinox Convert Pants 

Women’s Solitaire Convert Pants 

Men’s Treadway Pants 

Women’s Treadway Pants




Sentinel Sun Sleeves 

Chroma Sun Gloves 

Spectrum Sun Sleeves 

Spectrum Sun Gloves


Rock Climbing