QUICK TIPS: 5 Things To Do Before Ice Climbing Season

The rock is getting cold. Ice is starting to form. And stoke is starting to get high. But what to do before your project comes in? During that space in between, there are several things we can to do get ready for our forays into the frozen world of waterfall ice.

1. Sharpen your picks, crampons and screws. Dull gear will lose you partners more quickly than a bad belay. Well, almost as quickly.

2. Figure out your layering system. Ice climbing alternates between high exertion and standing still, making it one of the more challenging sports to dress for.

3. Improve all other systems, whether it is packing your gear more efficiently, tweaking the ice screw clippers on your harness, or keeping food and beverages from freezing.

4. Check your ropes. Pay special attention at each end where the sheath or core may have been compromised from someone’s bad aim. Make sure the middle is marked to save time on the many rappels that ice climbing requires.

5. Your body is your most important piece of gear. Go into the season super strong by training in the gym, running hills and hanging from your ice tools.

Once you’ve covered these basics, you’re ready to scroll social media feeds to see what’s in, who’s climbed it, and how you can make it your next adventure.


Photo of Sarah Hueniken by Forest Woodward.