Hometown: Salt Lake City
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Dynastar, Look, Lange, Smith Optics and Helmets, Discrete, Hestra, BURNSLC, Alta, Snowbird, GoPro, Backcountry
Current Transportation: Toyota truck
Favorite Places: On the river
Core Activities: Skiing, Mnt Biking, High-Fiving, Commercial Fishing, I love surfing- but I'm pretty NOT GOOD at surfing
My Jam is: Beer, food, adventure, more food.
Non-core Activities: Hiking, dance, yoga, pilates, reading, also team sports—soccer, beach volleyball. And reallllllly non-core, baking/cooking.
I Eat Lots of: Cheese
Fun Fact: I'm good at doing hair. (I know—weird.)

Raised for the most part in Utah. Lucky enough to have parents think I should pick up skiing. Took a year off of college to work at a ski resort and watched one of the Big Mountain Competitions… decided to try one out the next year. HAD A BLAST! Basically started skiing every day in 2002 and haven’t really looked back! I’m fortunate enough to have made a career out of it, made some incredible friends, and skied some incredible places.