Rocktober Rigs: A Van Life Love Story

Patrick and I started dating in the fall of 2009. At the time, we were both living a transient life due to our guiding schedules. We often found ourselves on the road with large chunks of free time. This was especially true between the summer and winter seasons. To maximize our climbing time, we moved ourselves and our two dogs into a Toyota Previa mini van, and hit the road. We crammed as much as possible into the little van. 

The rocket box provided a an “upstairs” storage space, giving all of us a little more room. At the time we were falling in love and we were blind to any inconveniences. Life seemed perfect.

One day Pat and I were driving through the parking lot at the Red Rock Rendezvous. This was back in the day when only a few Sprinter vans dotted the landscape. As Pat slowly rolled the
Previa by a Sprinter van, he looked at me and said, “One day, babe, we will have a Sprinter van like that.” I immediately got all choked up and overwhelmed with a feeling of love. I heard birds
sing and a ray of light hit our faces. It was as if a magical spell was upon us. I responded, “I love you.” For this was the moment I knew Pat was the man for me. 

Today we are happily married, and we are proud owners of our very own Sprinter Van. We bought the van as our wedding present. This 2004 Mercedes Benz is our dream ride. Together, we roll in our blue two-seater in style. It is amazing to me that we were ever able to make it work with the Previa.