Rocktober Rigs: Meet "Van" Halen

In honor of fall road trips and perfect sending temps, we're highlighting a few of our athletes' adventure rigs this month. So if you're looking for a little inspiration to take your Rocktober road trip vehicle up a notch, read on and check back throughout the month.

What mountain biker, skier or climber hasn't dreamed of a live-in rig to take them from trail to trail, crag to crag, powder stash to powder stash? Kjersi Christensen, OR's field marketing coordinator has just the van—and it's got a story! Here are the specs.

What's the make and model? '94 Ford Econoline E350

How many miles? Just hit 150,000—she's still got young legs!


How long have you had it? I lived in the van for about a year in college. It was sold that Fall to a couple who sold it after about a year to another couple. Then and winter 2016 it was found on Craigslist and I bought it back! Reunited and it feels so good!



Its best feature? The pop-up top, a.k.a. "the penthouse," makes for the coziest of sleeping areas. It's my favorite place to watch the snow fall in the winter. And the disco ball.


Its worst feature? The headlights don't have that annoying ding sound when you leave them on, so it's happened on more than one occasion that I forget the lights on and drain the battery. Uff da.



Any nickname? Van Halen or Lady Beluga.

Did you do any building it or remodeling on it yourself? The first owner had it converted by Sportsmobile—the bulk of the work was done by them. Last winter I added some wood flooring and some accessories here and there. My friend, Geoff, (whom you might recognize from the GQ parody, or the Treehouse show—and yes, he's single ladies!) did some awesome work on the flip-up dining table and flip-up cutting board. The mountain and bike chain inlay turned out really amazing! That's my friend, Jake's, bike chain… still greased up! Haha!

What’s one thing you’d do differently? Two words: bunk beds. Why sleep four when you can sleep six?? Haha! But really, I probably wouldn't include the fridge. It sucks up a ton of energy and is really difficult to clean. Just get a YETI cooler. You only need one for half the year anyway!

What’s your favorite place to take it? Ooh, there are too many good places in the PNW! I'd say Washington Pass or Mazama for some spring ski touring and summer climbing. Outside of Washington, the Canadian Rockies, hands down—I'm in love.




What would be the vehicle’s theme song?

Running with the Devil by Van Halen, Midnight Rider by the Allman Brothers, or (most recently)  F*** Apologies (feat. Wiz Khalifa), Jojo