Hometown: Bariloche and El Chaltén, Patagonia Argentina
Sponsors: Outdoor Reasearch, DPS skis, Osprey Packs
Current Transportation: Toyota Truck (6 month per year it's parked while I’m out)
Favorite Places: Home, El Chaltén and Pacific Northwest
Core Activities: Skiing, Soccer, Climbing/Mountaineering
My Jam is: There is so much great music!
Non-core Activities: Playing music, packing and unpacking from this non-stop trip.
I Eat Lots of: Appetizers
Fun Fact: I love being soaking wet in the woods, skiing… and I’d guess that’s why I love Pacific Northwest.

Santiago Guzman was born in Bariloche, Patagonia. The son of ski instructors, he was on skis before he was 3 years old and spent many childhood winter seasons in the Italian Alps chasing snow with his family. “The worked, and I skied,” he says. “Good deal.” Ski racing was Santiago’s passion until he was 16—he’s a former national ski team member and South American junior champion. When he was 19, he started traveling by himself, seeking snow in Europe, Canada and the U.S., and exploring freeskiing, mixing park and backcountry. Whistler changed his perspective, and Mt. Baker triggered the addiction.

  • 2009 Founder of the first and only South American Freeskiing Club (Club Argentino de Freeski). Currently president.
  • 2015 to present, Head Coach for Argentina Freeski Team
  • 2017 Opening “Fresco” Brewing Company, at El Chalten, Patagonia (go try the IPA!)