Searching For More Clarity In Your Life? Try Hiking 2,200 Miles.

When I reflect back on my AT Thru Hike in 2007 the words Clarity and Natural come to mind.

Here it is, over seven years since I started heading north from Springer Mountain in Georgia and I still have the most vivid recollection of life on the trail. I remember certain days with freakish detail; the meals I ate, the names of shelters, the number of miles I hiked that day, what the weather was like and the taste of that first beer I’d order when I strolled into a town.

I think it’s this intense form of clarity that is the most surprising take away from my hike. In all the planning and preparing for a thru hike it never dawned on me that there would be any ‘mental’ ramifications. I was focused on it being more of a physical challenge. But there was just something so liberating about actually living outside while the seasons changed around me. On the trail I stripped away all the distractions of ‘real life’ and realize that most of it was just clutter, getting in the way of allowing me to be present. I suspect that is why so many of my 150+ days of my hike literally feel like they were yesterday. Life becomes so clear on the trail.

I pick the word natural because I am still in awe with just how natural the entire hike felt. I think once you gain that clarity, when you can truly live in the moment, things just feel right and feel natural. Like you are where you should be, when you should be. You aren’t concerned with tomorrow, because you are still in today. You only have what you need so there isn’t all that clutter to stress about. The way it should be right?

And here I am today, wondering why I can’t remember what was for lunch yesterday or what I did last weekend. It might be time to hit the trail again!


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