#SheAdventures: Best Campsite Ever

Last week we put out the call on #SheAdventures for people to post a photo of their favorite campsite ever. The results we got were jaw dropping. Few things make us want to get out more than a gorgeous campsite. Thank you to everyone who posted this week. How totally inspirational! Now please enjoy a few of our favorites.

First off, our winner:



My favorite campsite ever with #sheadventures was the one I shared with my best friends in the most beautiful time of the year with golden larches and incredible views. We shared incredible moments, hiked, climbed, told funny stories and enjoyed the sunset and a stunning sunrise together. We laughed until our abs would hurt. Moments like these are irreplaceable and bring people closer together, wether they're old friends or you're adventuring for the first time with them. #outdoorresearch



Volcano sunrises make for an impressive morning view. My all time favorite spot to camp is on the tip tops of mountains, especially in Guatemala! #outdoorresearch #sheexplores #sheadventures

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Mar 24, 2017 at 12:03pm PDT



All-time favourite campsite is a hard call for me #sheadventures. I've had the privilege of living the #tentlife is some spectacular places. This is the one that seems to most frequently come to mind - at the base of the Nesakwatch Spires in the North Cascades. I love it because it's not half way around the world and a ten day hike away. A couple hours outside of Vancouver just above the US border. A solid 3 hour uphill hike through the wilderness leads to this perfect huge boulder with room for plenty, snow for melting and even some wood for an evening campfire. You wake to a short 20 minute approach to stellar rock climbing and of course an incredible view of the North Cascades that run the US/Canada border between Washington and British Columbia, peaking out above the clouded valleys below. #cascades #camping #sheadventures #OutdoorResearch #adventure #sunrise

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Mar 25, 2017 at 3:37pm PDT



After camping all over the country, in the mountains, the desert, at the beach, along rivers and in the forest.... my favorite place to wake up is still the one that's 20 minutes from my front door! @outdoorresearch #sheadventures

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Mar 25, 2017 at 8:04am PDT


Camping in the Terror Creek basin in the Southern Picket range. See how terrified I am??



#fbf to one of my favorite places to wake up.. the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska with my bestie, @ratchull #SheAdventures

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Mar 24, 2017 at 4:06pm PDT



@outdoorresearch What's my best campsite ever you ask??? How about my stellar campsite on Broken Top in Bend, Oregon? That little orange speck is my tent



Best campsite ever? @alohagail and my home sweet home in the bugs!!! A little nook above the world and a place to have a sip of whiskey as we watched the sunset!!!! . . . #sheadventures #outdoorresearch

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Mar 25, 2017 at 8:24am PDT



Best campsite ever? This is an impossible question @outdoorresearch. After delving into the photo archives for way too long, I stumbled upon this photo from a trip last summer to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. The story; That morning we woke up to a baby mountain goat wandering around camp at sunrise mewling for it's mom. Who knew such a tiny creature could make so much noise? After waking up every camper in the whole basin it was eventually reunited with it's mom right outside my tent, and happily wandered around for the next hour while we ate breakfast and prepared for some ridgeline explorations. #SheAdventures #outdoorresearch

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Mar 26, 2017 at 8:39pm PDT



By far one of my favorite campsites ever was Diamond Lake, Oregon. It doesn't get much better than this!



@outdoorresearch is asking, so here's my #bestcampsiteever: Sapphire Lake, Kings Canyon National Park. . . . #SheAdventures #rei1440project #optoutside #neverstopexploring #wildernessculture #ourwild #findyourpark #getoutstayout #neverstopexploring

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Best campsite ever? @outdoorresearch is asking. Picture by @runningbelay • . . • • #bestcampsiteever #wintercamping #tent #cascades #climbon #hiking #mountainart #mountainartist #exploreandcreate #optoutside #seattleartist #pnw #ourpnw #pnwonderland #thatpnwlife #northwestisbest #neverstopexploring #upperleftusa #mountains #washington #choosemountains #wanderwashington #explorewashington #drawntohighplaces #unrulydreamers #goplayoutside #explorewashington #sheexplores #shejumps #sheadventures #milesfromordinary

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#advanture in #Moab #girlswhocrush #sheadventures

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Mar 24, 2017 at 2:36pm PDT