#SheAdventures Challenge 3: Backcountry Gourmet - Honorable Mentions

Thanks to everyone who participated in #SheAdventures Challenge 3: Backcountry Gourmet! We saw so much great camp cooking that we couldn't help but share a few of the highlights. Here are some of our many favorites.

This week's winner:


OK, dear friends. I know I posted this picture on Saturday, but on Saturday #outdoorresearch didn't have a #sheadventures prompt about gratuitously fancy wilderness meals. So here's a better shot of last weekend's brunch, without our ugly mugs. Judges, do what you will. Context:, @arboreal_laurel and I do a lot of #extremepicnicking, and we like to make it extra extreme. We think hauling the stuff to cook over-the-top meals on our dayhikes keeps us in tip-top backpacking shape. Also it's awesome. So a little #backwoodsbrunch, cooked three miles up Old Rag in #Shenandoah. We have waffles with brie, strawberries, raspberries, earth balance, whipped cream, real! Maple syrup, OJ, and maaaaaybe a little mountaintop mimosa. We're not saying. Oh. And naturally everything goes on blankets, because crumbs aren't #leavenotrace.

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Sep 28, 2016 at 5:43am PDT


Honorable Mentions:


Fresh pineapple has never tasted sweeter than after summiting a 15,500ft+ peak




Wanted to share this scrumptious backcountry breakfast that I had on the trail last week at the Spanish Lakes in Gallatin National Forest, Montana. The recipe was super simple, just self-rising flour, butter, cinnamon, and plenty of brown sugar! #SheAdventures #Outdoorresearch #outdoors #adventure #food #yummy #wilderness #backpacking #hiking #camping #camplife #wildernessculture #recipe

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Thinking about the breakfast @rafallipnw and I made on the Washington coast




My homemade curry chicken and rice. Recipe 1 tbsp garlic 2 tbsp olive oil .5 c basmati and forbidden black rice 1 c chicken stock 4 oz chicken .5 c peas .5 c diced carrots .5 tsp curry seasoning (I didn't have any on hand so made this as well. Premade curry powder is good though) .25 tsp salt .25 tsp pepper Saute garlic in olive oil until browned. Toast rice in same pot then add in chicken stock. Cover and bring to boil. Once boiling reduce heat and steam rice until liquid is gone. Par cook peas and carrots. Place rice and veggies in dehydrator at 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Set time for 8 hours. For chicken use canned (it rehydrates better than fresh) break into small pieces and dehydrate at 160 Fahrenheit for 8 hours. Place all ingredients into a freezer bag. On the trail add enough boiling water to cover the food and steep about fifteen minutes. Enjoy! #sheadventures #outdoorresearch

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This summer as we biked down the Pacific Coast, we'd track down bakeries wherever we went, always on the lookout for a place baking with real sourdough starter. Surprisingly, there were many, and the search always led to good stories, be it the free loaves gifted to us by the baker in Fort Bragg or the baker in Charleston wearing a neon green tanktop, a sticker hanging on the wall behind him which read "I'm the boss. My wife told me I could be." One of my favorite, simple, recipes from this practice became garlic bread, the perfect use for slightly dried out slices of bread that have been sitting in your pannier all day long. Pour olive in a pan, fry up the bread, and once it's nice and crispy, take a clove of garlic and scrub that slice down with garlicky goodness. Add a slice of sharp cheese on top if you're feeling extra fancy. The ultimate appetizer after a long day in the saddle. Pictured here paired with a bowl of spicy lentils with peanuts and apricot. #sheadventures #outdoorresearch #bicycletouring

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#OutdoorResearch #SheAdventures Challenge 3 - Backcountry Gourmet: "Community Goulash (6 year tradition!)" Ingredients: Dehydrated - Homemade tomato soup base, porcini mushroom tortellini, fusilli, navy beans, green/yellow beans, carrots, celery, onions, basil, salt & pepper. Best of all: Red wine and farmers sausage over the fire, chopped, and added to goulash! #backcountrygourmet #rockclimbing #outdoorslover #manitobansclimb #foodie #supportlocal

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Fancy camp food! Backcountry Gourmet if you will. Stopped for a bite to eat while exploring the gorgeous scenery of #norcal in #hopevalley. Sliced peaches, basil, brie, and a bit of pesto sandwiched in a Hawaiian roll. That's how she rolls!