#SheAdventures Challenge – September 2016

At Outdoor Research, we're thrilled to dedicate the next three weeks to celebrating the stories of women who inspire, and we're inviting you to join us! Our #SheAdventures Instagram Challenges are back and we hope they’ll inspire you to play outside, share your own stories, and win new gear doing it!

Here's how it works:

Every Tuesday, we’ll launch a new week-long challenge on Instagram. To participate, start by following us so that you don’t miss anything. Complete the specified photo task by getting outside to shoot the image or by posting a golden oldie. We’ll look at them all, vote on our favorites and announce the winner on the following Monday, right here on this page. For all challenges, creativity is encouraged, antics are expected and fun is a prerequisite. You don’t have to be a pro photographer. So get out there, adventure, share and win! *While we are dedicated to encouraging female participation, everyone has a chance to win.


Updates below (newest at the top):


And that's a wrap! As of today, October 3rd, we'd like to thank every single person who participated in a #SheAdventures challenges this past month. You all kicked butt and we feel more inspired than ever. We're practically brimming with ambition for new adventures, ways to celebrate them, and recipes to fuel the stoke. And remember, keep posting to #SheAdventures. Though the weekly challenges are over for now, we'll continue picking a monthly winner.


Congratulations to @erineaross and @arboreal_laurel, our winners for #SheAdventures Challenge 3: Backcountry Gourmet. We couldn’t even imagine a classier and more rewarding summit sunrise brunch than waffles and mimosas. On top of an incredible meal, they each earned an Aria Down Hoody ($235). Keep posting to #SheAdventures – While our weekly challenges have ended for now, we’ll still pick a new winner each month. Happy adventuring!

#SheAdventures Challenge 3 (9/27-10/2): Backcountry Gourmet - The infamous backcountry burrito, the memorable alpine sandwich, the homemade granola bar… Share a photo of your favorite wilderness delight with #SheAdventures and #OutdoorResearch by 10/2. Please include an abbreviated recipe or ingredient list. We’ll award an Aria Hoody ($235) to the most scrumptious. Bonus points for fanciness and remoteness. #OutdoorResearch

Congratulations to @hikinguphigh, our winner for #SheAdventures Challenge 2 – Celebrate Your Summit. For this excellently captured doggy high five, she’ll be walking home with a Sonata Ultra Hooded Jacket ($299). Keep posting to #SheAdventures, we’ll share the third and final challenge tomorrow. #OutdoorResearch

#SheAdventures Challenge 2 (9/20-9/25): Celebrate Your Summit - You get a high five, and YOU get a high five, and YOU get a high five!  Share a photo of your "We did it!" moment with #SheAdventures and #OutdoorResearch. We’ll look at every one of your high fives, fist bumps, cheers and summit celebrations and award a Sonata Ultra Hooded Jacket ($299) to our favorite. #OutdoorResearch

Congratulations to @raider111, our winner for #SheAdventures Challenge 1 – Ambitious Adventure, and the proud new owner of a Floodlight Jacket ($395). The fortitude and willpower to continue to the summit (and to take a photo) in 50 mph wind and snow conditions will inspire our own adventures this fall. Stay on the lookout for challenge 2, coming tomorrow. #OutdoorResearch


#SheAdventures Challenge 1: Ambitious Adventure (Sep 13-18) - When the struggle is real and the outcome is variable, an adventure becomes unforgettable.  Share a photo from your most challenging trip this year with #SheAdventures and #OutdoorResearch. We’ll look at every one and award a Floodlight Jacket ($395) to our favorite. #SufferSelfies are encouraged.