#SheAdventures Honorable Mentions

You made us laugh, you made us cry, you made us smile, and you inspired us to seek out new adventures. And we thank you for every moment you have shared.  March has not only been about celebrating the lady crushers themselves, but the journeys “out” that inspired everyone. The #SheAdventures community is truly growing in shared experiences, from mini-escapes to epic adventures. 

Each week we picked our themed favorites, and we have to say, you all captured some amazing moments. We could only choose one winner per week, but you’ll find some of our other favorites below. Check out the winners here.

Remember, the adventures don’t stop here! Please continue sharing your story with #SheAdventures community. We’ll call out and kit out our favorite post every single month with new gear.

#SheAdventures Challenge 1: Mishaps and Misadventures

From Instagram's @valarietes. "Inaugural 'Bitch a Tent' would not have been the same without a few incidences."

From Instagram's @klpete18. This canoe escaped during a group photo and Holly went in after it. She described the mossy water as similar to pumpkin innards. Hence the face.

From Instagram's @sharayhk. #TBT to the time the boat flipped on our Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

From Instagram's @JessicaGeorgia. Laughs were shared between strangers on hike naked day along the Appalachian Trail.

#SheAdventures Challenge 2: Canine Companion

From Instagram's @Hutchski. Fresh tracks, beer and snowball eating puppies. What more could you ask?

From Instagram's @mlbutynski

From Instagram's @kbcharris.

From Instagram's @stomachforadventure. A simple game of Who Wants The Stick?

From Instagram's @theascentofem who probably realized how much we enjoy seeing people carrying their dog on adventures.

#SheAdventures Challenge 3: Suffer Selfie

From Insagram's @briannamadia. "Sometimes you find yourself mid-pitch with a nosebleed and no other choice but to keep climbing....the good news is that Mama Nature don't care. Bruised, bloodied, dirt-covered hands....she says 'come as you are."

From Instagram's @abbysully. Raft guiding makes for some excellent suffering.

From Instagram's @rather_b_running. Failed attempts can actually make for a great day of climbing. 

From Instagram's @tiannaceae. Fear the black flies.

#SheAdventures Challenge 4: Home Away From Home

From Instagram's @RebeccaCusworth. "I didn't want to go to sleep this night! Man, what a show from the equinox aurora"

From Instagram's @danielle__cheri. #CabinLife

From Instagram's @jennymcclary "Went from 40° and slightly overcast to a total whiteout on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Not surprising since that happened at least once a day on our road trip around Iceland"