How to Speed Launch A Kayak

By Body Boat Blade International, 31 March 2014

  • DATE

    31 March 2014


    Body Boat Blade International



​If you want to get on the water fast, try a speed launch. Shawna and Leon from Body Boat Blade International demonstrate how.

Body Boat Blade International

Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme have been involved in the paddle sports world for over two decades. They are the owners and creators of the two-time award-winning kayak school Body Boat Blade International, where they work as both coaches and coach educators. Their accomplishments, from winning kayak races and rolling competitions to expeditions are extensive. They are both team athletes for the top paddle sports manufacturers such as Kokatat, Werner, Snap Dragon, NorthWater and SKUK (formally known as Nigel Dennis Kayaks) and they have worked with some of these manufactures to test and/or create award-winning products. They have been featured many times in magazines, films and symposia. They are two of the most committed, passionate paddlers in this sport. Recognized mostly as sea kayakers, they also love canoeing, white water, kayak surfing, race boats and stand up paddle boarding.