#SheAdventures Challenges - March 2017

By Outdoor Research, 27 March 2017

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    27 March 2017


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#SheAdventures is our dedication to empowering a community of women; to inspire skill building, overcoming challenges, dreaming big and living adventure, no matter how big or small. Since launching in 2015, we’ve enjoyed nearly 100,000 moments of grit, joy, type II fun, dedication, passion, and adventure in the wild places that make us come alive.

Join us in celebrating the women of adventure this March by taking part in one or more #SheAdventures Challenges!

Here’s how to participate: Every Tuesday this month, we’ll announce a new challenge on Instagram and right here in this article, inviting you to post a photo or video to Instagram in accordance with the specified task. The photo can be a relevant golden oldie, or a brand new image taken just for this challenge. We’ll review every single post, and award a new jacket to our favorite. Beyond whatever is asked for in the challenge, we’re always looking for shenanigans, creativity and extra laughs.

Give us a follow on Instagram and keep checking back for more challenges, winner announcements, honorable mentions and information.

What’s more? We’re giving one lucky lady (and a friend) a trip the International Climbers’ Festival in Lander, Wyoming! More info on that can be found here.


#SheAdventures Challenge 4: Type II Fun - It’s not always about the name of the summit. Sometimes what you remember most is the cold, hard character-building grind. Post a photo of your best try-hard grimace, focus face, or expression of how-did-this-get-so-epic with #SheAdventures by 4/2. We’ll award a Clairvoyant Jacket ($325) to our gnarliest favorite. #OutdoorResearch

Congratulations to @maizalimarock, our #SheAdventures Weekly Challenge winner for Best Campsite Ever and proud new owner of a Sonata Hooded Down jacket ($225). This photo was taken at lake Ingalls, WA. If you’ve never camped among golden larches in the fall, we couldn’t recommend it enough! It will blow your mind in a different way from huge mountain views. Thanks to everyone who posted, all your campsites were incredible. Next week’s challenge is coming tomorrow. #SheAdventures

#SheAdventures Challenge 3: Best Campsite Ever - Where is your favorite place to wake up? On a ledge, in a tree, in a subalpine meadow or in the back of your ’95 GMC Safari? Post a photo of your all-time favorite campsite with #SheAdventures by Sunday 3/26. We’ll award one lucky camper a Sonata Hooded Down Jacket ($225). Bonus points for campsites with a view. #OutdoorResearch

Congratulations to @_lila0012, our winner for the #SheAdventures Weekly Challenge 2: Backcountry Beverages. It takes a very special and enthusiastic bunch to drink cheap wine off a crampon, and we absolutely love it and will be awarding her an Aspire Jacket ($215). #DontTryThisAtYourHomeGlacier.  Cheers and thank you to everyone who posted this week. We saw some really incredible drinks and places to drink and we can’t wait to highlight more posts in our blog later this week. Stay tuned for Challenge 3, coming very soon.

#SheAdventures Weekly Challenge 2: Backcountry Beverages - What’s better than a hot drink on a cold day? Maybe only a cold drink on a hot day! Post a new or old photo of your favorite backcountry beverage with #SheAdventures by Sunday 3/19 and we’ll cheers one lucky winner with an Aspire Jacket ($215). Homemade? Bonus points for including a recipe overview. #OutdoorResearch

Congratulations to @nattastrophe, our winner for #SheAdventures Weekly Challenge 1: Highest of Fives. Thanks to this 50 ft. high display of chalky stoke, she’ll receive a Helium II Jacket ($159). Stay tuned, we’ll be posting a new challenge every Tuesday this month. #OutdoorResearch. 

And don't forget to check out her ceramic shop on Etsy.


#SheAdventures Weekly Challenge 1: Highest of Fives - There’s no better way to celebrate doing what you love outside than high fiving a buddy. So grab your adventure pal, head out, and commemorate your stoke by posting a photo of your best high-five ever with #SheAdventures by Sunday 3/12. Throwbacks are welcome too. We’ll high five one lucky winner right back with a Helium II Jacket ($159). #OutdoorResearch

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