The Complete Life

Alpine Climbing Ambassador Martin Volken gears up for an adventure.

Life is an adventure. One day you’re road tripping to Moab with your buddies, the next you’re taking your kid to swim lessons. Children, work, spouse, projects around the house … it all adds up. But finding time to play outdoors, committing to endeavors that challenge you, making an effort to find balance … that’s what makes The Complete Life.

Skiing Ambassador Zack Giffin gets after it in the Alta backcountry.

“I do better in my life if I connect with the natural world on a daily basis,” says Outdoor Research Alpine Climbing Ambassador Martin Volken, giving voice to the feelings many of us share. Martin balances time as an OR Ambassador with time spent being a husband and father, owning and operating an outdoor gear shop, working as an IMGA mountain guide, and authoring backcountry ski guides for the Pacific Northwest. For him — like all of us — weighing work, family and personal goals in the mountains is a thoughtful and challenging pursuit.

Skiing Ambassador Jessica Baker spending time with her family.

Life gets better the moment we head out on a new adventure, no matter how big or small. When we step out the door, we breathe more deeply, think more clearly, and we’re better people when we return. And while it can sometimes be tricky to find the time, having those adventures is important — they make us who we are. It takes many parts to make the whole, and though family, career, community and other passions are the foundations of a life, it’s the adventure that makes it Complete.

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