The Future Of #SheAdventures – Keep Posting

That's a wrap! The final #SheAdventures challenge is now behind us. In looking back at all 3,800 of the tagged photos since things kicked off in July, it was impossible not to feel inspired. We saw mountains, deserts, forests, climbers, hikers, runners, kayakers, friends, partners, families, doggies, puppies, sufferers, frowners, criers, dancers, and yes, even twerkers. But when you add all those up, what we really saw was the spirit of adventure. And it wouldn't be Outdoor Research to give up on an adventure.

Which is why we're going to continue promoting #SheAdventures! We'll keep using the hashtag and we hope you do too. At the end of each month, starting this August, we'll award one prize to whichever Instagram user posts our favorite photo or video with #SheAdventures and #OutdoorResearch. For now, there is no specific theme other than adventure. But remember, creativity is still more important than raw photo power.

Looking for inspiration? Here are the first four winners from the July #SheAdventures Challenge.

Challenge 1 Winner - @Koshey44 was the winner of the Adventure Ally Challenge. Seen rocking the gaiters in true OR style. Mega bonus points for being upside down.

Challenge 2 Winner - @tahagal was the winner of the Canine Companion Challenge. Big dog + little pack = Winner Woof woof!

Challenge 3 Winner - @MegMag00 was the winner of our Suffer Selfie challenge! Kudos for a phenomenally miserable facial expression.