The Tiny House Tour, Season 3, Kicks Off

Stay tuned for four new Tiny House Tour episodes as Molly and Zack take to the road in search of powder, new friends and the good—small—life.

Life is a constant search for progression. An evolution toward perfection. Change is the only constant. Even in the tiny house.

Right now, there’s the change of seasons and a shift in our perspective as skiers. We are trying to adapt to the changes in the world. We keep downsizing, consuming experiences, not things, because ultimately we’re all drawn to a better life, not better STUFF. The tiny house was built on the vision of the mountains being your backyard, wherever the house may roam, and home being a place that exists wherever the snow is falling. It was built to prioritize powder.

Can we convince enough skiers that it’s okay to live with less stuff and more life? That a 112-square foot mobile ski house is the norm?

As we set off this season, the tiny house is leaving with a few renovations (see the first episode for full details). With two years behind us, we’ve figured out a few ways to live easier and less inundated with piles of things. We’re getting more efficient with life on the road. We’re feeling more comfortable without an established home life and consequently we’re skiing more and more. More and more mountains of the world have become our home.  

So, come follow us on that open road. Step into the tiny house and enjoy a beer by the fire. The doors to the our home are open to the snow-lovers of the world. Maybe we’ll see you in Jackson or Tahoe or caravanning from Bend to Seattle? Or maybe sharing a skin track or a powder day on Roger’s Pass?

Here’s to an incredible winter folks. May your season be bigger and better than your stuff!  

The Tiny House Crew