The Zhupanova River

We have just arrived back in the capital of Kamchatka after a 4-day trip on the Zhupanova.  This was a unique trip for the team, as our focus turned towards the abundance of fish on the Kamchatka peninsula as well as contributing to a Monster Fish show with host Zeb Hogan.  It was a transition on this expedition that we were perhaps even more eager for than the whitewater of the weeks prior.  Almost a year ago we started talking with Ryan Peterson about the Zhupanova (check out the Fly Shop).  He spoke of giant rainbow trout, ten of thousands of salmon, bears and a river ecosystem as pristine as it was 10,000 years ago.  He showed us nothing less.  I don’t think any of us have ever seen so many fish in our lives.  Seeing 5 species of salmonids and literally paddling over thousands and thousands of fish working their way upstream has left us speechless.  Knowing that a place this wild, healthy and pristine still exists will be the lasting impression from this trip for all of us.  We are now talking advantage of good weather and getting on a heli this afternoon to see the salmon and bears at Kuril Lake.