Top Reasons to Love Triple Crown

Must Do’s at Triple Crown

The Triple Crown is a three-part outdoor competition series that takes place at Hound Ears in Boone, NC, Stone Fort (LRC) in Soddy Daisy, TN, and Horse Pens 40 in Steele, AL. It’s a great environment to get exposure to a lot of fantastic bouldering with the safety and support of many people with crashpads. If you’re looking to try that ultimate proj that you’ve never had a chance to get on because you were lacking the pads for it, Triple Crown will be your best shot at finding a psyched group of people to try it with you. If you’ve never been to that outdoor climbing crag (or any outdoor climbing area for that matter), this is the best way to get introduced. There are labels for every boulder problem to identify the start, provide a description, and display the difficulty grade. There are plenty of friendly locals who know the area really well and will be more than happy to help guide you around and show you some of the classics (or at least point you in the right direction). All in all, Triple Crown is a great way to enjoy a weekend of climbing and meet new people who share your passion.

Don’t forget to visit the booths and collect some raffle tickets! The donations go to the Southeastern Climbers’ Coalition and the Carolina Climbers’ Coalition who do their best to help us gain new climbing areas and also maintain/improve the areas that we already own. Without them, we wouldn’t have access to all of the amazing rock that we love to train, play, sweat, and bleed on.

The pad stacking and arm wrestling competitions are not to be missed. Even if you do not wish to participate, these are fantastic events to spectate. I’m not quite sure how, but some crazy people still have the energy to burn a little testosterone after a full day of climbing and it is surprisingly entertaining. Be on the watch for Byron Gregory and see if he reclaims his throne this year! And don’t think that the arm wrestling is only for the men. There are plenty of super strong lady arm wrestlers out there to try your luck with.

The hosts, Jim Horton and Chad Wykle along with many other volunteers, throw out tons of free shirts, chalk, brushes, hats, etc. along with bigger prizes such as ropes, jackets, crashpads, and other great swag just by drawing random registration names from a pot. You can win big just from showing up and having a great day of climbing. They also throw out some numbered balls that you can collect to redeem various prizes. The whole award ceremony is essentially a large party where everyone gathers to cheer on the crushers and pick up whatever freebies they can catch along the way.

Of course, you have to stop by the OR booth for some sweet swag and stickers before and after the competition! Come on by and we can talk about all the amazing products that OR has to offer (and you can pick my brain about the climbing area and the classics that shouldn’t be missed). I look forward to meeting/seeing everyone there!


~Ryan Copeland