Up Close: Gordon McArthur Climbing On The World Stage

Each month we're featuring one of our crusher athlete ambassadors—checking in on what rad stuff they're up to now, and finding out what gear they love for getting the job done. This month we caught up with ice- and mixed-climber Gordon McArthur from Cranbrook, British Columbia.

What's occupying you and keeping you psyched right now?

Pack up, get on a plane, fly across the globe, 'prepare for battle,' perform on the world's stage; hanging upside down whilst trying super hard ... then ... recover. And repeat. This is my life in the coming months. A season of world cup ice climbing competitions spread across the world, six different countries jammed into five weeks. And then in between? Trying to climb some of the raddest/hardest mixed lines on the planet. This is my winter, these are my plans–a whirlwind of efforts to fill a need, to pursue goals, and ultimately to try and be 'my best.'

Specifically, where are you headed to compete or climb this season?

China, South Korea, Switzerland, Italy and France for World Cups. The names of other routes? 'Iron Man' in Switzerland, and a cave called 'the world of tomorrow' in Italy where there are mega hard routes—and my fave cave called Usine, in France.

What's the one piece of OR gear you couldn't live without?

If I was to pick two pieces of clothing that I can't live without, OR's Uberlayer would be one, and then of course the Transition Hoody. The Uberlayer speaks to everything I do, with fit, performance, casually or through the crux...it holds me in place. The Transition Hoody is the perfect layer that doesn't constrain you but keeps you fitted with readiness. At any moment you're ready for action.

What's your personal motto these days?

"Be your absolute."

What's your go-to kit for trying hard in the mountains?

My 'always need it' items from OR for trying hard are the Uberlayer, the Transition Hoody, Ferrosi Pants, Echo Duo Tee, the Diode Hooded Jacket, the Iceline Jacket and Pants, and of course the Neoplume Pants.

What about your apres-crushing kit?

The Goldrush Jeans and the Radiant Hybrid Pullover.  And maybe a fresh Echo Tee.

Where else can we keep up with you?

Online at gordmcarthurclimbing.com and on Instagram @gord_mcarthur.