Up Close: Neil Provo Digs To The Roots Of Snowboarding

"It's so fun to take it back to the roots of snowboarding, standing sideways on a plank of wood with only the pressure of perfect powder pressing the board against your feet," says Neil Provo, who's spent a lot of his time pow surfing this winter. "Think snowboarding, without bindings ... If surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding had a baby, it would be pow surfing!"

Since his early days snowboarding on the East Coast, Neil has been continually progressing to a more backcountry, more pure, more free experience. Now he's based in Park City, Utah, and has been lapping up all the goods this season has offered the Wasatch. We chatted with Neil to find out what gear is keeping him going this season—and a few odd details to spare.

What's your go-to mountain kit?

I've been using this combination for quite some time now, and it still blows me away how well it manages different temperatures and weather conditions. Having an ultralight shell and puffy to hide away in the pack is essential for me as I spend most of my days walking uphill. On any given day, I can wear this kit knowing I'll be comfortable, no matter what the mountains throw my way.

Axiom Jacket
Ferrosi Hooded Jacket
Echo Tee
Sequence Tights
Arete Gloves
Radar Sun Runner Cap
In the pack: Filament Down Jacket, Phosphor Down Mitts

What's your go-to après kit?

Living in a cold house means wearing a puffy indoors. My Transcendent Down Hoody and Deadpoint Pants keep things cozy when the furnace won't turn on!

What's one thing most people would never guess about you, if they were meeting you for the first time?
I lost my sense of smell a while back, so if you rip one when we meet, and wondering if i smelled it, no worries!

What's one dream trip you haven't done yet that you'd love to get on the books?
I've always dreamed of riding deep pow in South America in the summer. Need to make that one a reality.