How to Fold a Map

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How To Sharpen Ice Tools

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Packing for an Overnight Alpine Ascent

Martin Volken - an IFMGA Guide and owner of ProGuiding Service of North Bend, Washington - takes time before a recent trip to describe what exactly should go into a pack for an overnight alpine ascent. … [Read More]

Efficient Ski Transitions

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Rigging Up for Mountaineering

Freddy Grossniklaus takes us through the gear that comes along on a normal mountaineering trip. Freddy is a UIAGM/IFMGA Swiss certified mountain guide and ski instructor that has been working with Outdoor… [Read More]

How to Take a Bearing on a Map

IFMGA Guide Margaret Wheeler takes you through the steps of one of the foundation skills for navigating with a map and compass. In simplest terms, it links the information provided by a map to the terrain… [Read More]

How to Make an Alpine Shower

Blake, Graham, Scott Bennett and Forest Woodward spent three weeks exploring granite in the Waddington… [Read More]

How to Make a Tape Glove for Rock Climbing

Outdoor Research climber Adam George explains how to make a tape climbing glove.  Good for protecting some of your skin against sharp cracks and harsh granite.

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