We're Breaking Our Silence

To those who are suffering we say this: We see you, we hear you, we want to talk, we want to listen. 

We live in a country that has history of systemic and institutionalized racism and discrimination against marginalized and underrepresented communities. As an organization, we've struggled with how to address the current events surrounding the murder of George Floyd and those before him—but we cannot and will not allow the challenge of finding the “right” words stop us from engaging in the conversations that need to take place to help stop these atrocities.

We want to acknowledge those individuals and organizations who have pledged countless hours and energy to fight racism and discrimination. We need to listen and learn and be part of a solution. We've found the following resources helpful and are making a promise to ensure everyone on our staff gains education and training in the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion and the history of racism throughout American history. We believe black lives matter, and this dialogue needs to include everyone and be ongoing. Please join us:

Anti-Racism Resources for White People

Whiteness In The Outdoors