Release The Heat: How To Keep Cool And Keep Active

Whether you’re looking to escape the gym for your morning workout or you’re hiking in the mountains, chances are you’re heating up as you go. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be sopping in sweat. That’s where fabric technology like drirelease® comes into play. drirelease® is the ingredient fiber that changes your entire workout experience by pulling the sweat off your body and keeping you cooler. Who knew a tiny fiber had that much power?

How It Works
Fabric is made of yarn, and yarn is made of fibers. The engineered fiber blend within drirelease® yarns is proven to keep you comfortable and dry. Synthetic, hydrophobic (water hating) fibers and natural, hydrophilic (water loving) fibers are blended together to create one yarn. This built-in system ensures the permanent performance of the fabric without the use of harmful chemicals. 

Moisture wicking is essential for high-performance fabrics in active wear. Our blend of synthetic fibers within the yarn provides incredibly fast wicking and permanent performance. The fibers have varying thickness and length, and work with the natural fibers in the yarn to pull moisture from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable.

Fabrics that utilize our engineered blends will provide superior wicking, faster drying, and a greater overall peak performance while still offering an incredibly soft and natural hand feel.

Fabrics made with drirelease® also offer FreshGuard®, an eco-friendly way of controlling odor. The fast-drying nature of drirelease® fabrics provides a dry and evaporative cooling atmosphere within the fabric to prevent the growth of odor in the fabric. Because the odor control is permanently engineered into the drirelease® yarns and fabrics, you can stay confident and odor free for the life of the garment.

Who is this made for?
Anyone! drirelease® provides the solution to your sweatiest problems. Whether you are a runner or a landscaper, a yogi or a lumberjack, a mountain biker or a civil engineer, or maybe you just sweat a lot, drirelease® could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Where can I find drirelease®?
You can find great drirelease® options at Outdoor Research! There are a few that stand out in particular.

The Men’s Sequence Long Sleeve Zip Top is lightweight and warm, which makes it perfect for being active in the chillier months. drirelease®’s soft merino wool blend helps you regulate body temperature while wicking moisture off your body. It also is equipped with FreshGuard® so you can take it from day to night without worrying about offensive odor.

Worn over leggings or by itself, the Women’s Athena Skirt can be worked into almost any outfit. It’s perfect for travel or adventure because it is quick drying and has our FreshGuard® odor control built in. The poly-cotton blend fabric has a casual feel but is designed to look cute enough to be dressed up or down.

The Men’s Sequence Polo just might be one of Outdoor Retailers most popular drirelease® items. The modern style lines and light, soft fit makes it sleek and comfortable. The moisture wicking technology of drirelease®, plus FreshGuard® and the zippered rear pocket will make this polo one of your favorites.

The drirelease® Tencel fabric in the Women’s Umbra Hoodie pulls moisture off your skin and dries four times faster than cotton. FreshGuard® will keep you smelling fresh and UPF 15 will keep you protected from harsh run rays. This is a go-to hoodie for any adventure.