What strange things have you found on the trail?

We asked Facebook, “What is the strangest thing you’ve found on a trail?” More than a hundred people shared their answers with us. And it turns out, we’ve hiked past some pretty crazy stuff. Here are the Verticulture favorites.

1. A beaver finger puppet….not kidding…in Denali. —Brooke E. True minimalists use shadow puppets.

2. Two turtles doin’ it…Grayson Lake, KY. —Cory R. He sold us at “doin’ it.” Who needs the ‘g’ anyway?

3. A box of dehydrated milk, right when I remembered I had forgotten to bring some. —Greg H. Ahhhh, trail magic.

4. Satanic altar. Didn’t stick around long, that’s for sure!! —Steve H. We got a few reports of corpses. Hoping they weren’t sacrificial.

5. Five goat skulls in a bag. —Kris S. Probably same trail as number four. Definitely sacrificial.

6. A Lodge cast iron Dutch oven with a note attached. The note read, “Too heavy to carry any further. If you want it you’re welcome to it. Good luck.” —David K. Stir fry is worth it.

7. A book from Auckland library….in Nepal! —Jen H. Remember people, always return your books!

8. Someone I worked with 1,100 miles away—completely coincidental. –Mike S. Hope it wasn’t your boss.

9. TWO RIGHT SHOES —Kyle M. *Scratches head.

10. Doing a river crossing barefoot in the Smokies, I got something caught between my toes. When I lifted up my foot, there was a pipe for smoking pot. —Thomas B. That’s why they call it The Smokies.

11. A fifth of Jager in the snow (unopened); ten feet up the trail, 2/3 of a fifth of Jack and a two-liter of Coke; all while hiking in the snow to a hot spring. —Eric R. These clues are elementary, my dear Watson.

Most ‘Liked’ Answer: A weight bench, with a barbell in it, in South Korea. Next to it there was a mirror so you could watch yourself flex afterwards. —Christina D.

Most Common Answer: We were blown away by the amount of adult toys and undergarments left on the trail. Get a tent!

The No Show: Where was Sasquatch? Has nobody seen a Sasquatch?

Editor’s Answer: A likeness of Homer Simpon’s head carved from a buoy on the West Coast Trail of Vancouver Island. See photo.

See the entire collection here: http://ow.ly/pHriA

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