What’s Your #SoWorthItMoment?

The image at the top of this article captures a #SoWorthItMoment: The moment of joy earned by persevering through struggle, after struggle, after struggle.

Everyone has a story of a journey that had more downs than ups. But at the end of the day, there was one moment of pure bliss that made up for all the hardships.

To celebrate those moments – the downs as well as the ups – we’d like to invite you to share your own #SoWorthItMoment on Instagram for the chance to win a Helium II Jacket ($159).

Here’s how you’ll get next in line to earn free gear:

1. Create a gallery post on Instagram, with your #SoWorthItMoment as the first photo. We want to see joy, serenity, fulfillment, satisfaction, beauty, and bliss in the great outdoors!

2. Follow this with your other photo(s) showing the struggle it took to get there. Bushwacking? Awful weather? Car Breakdown? Injury? Anything that went wrong, we want to see it.

3. Post your gallery with the hashtag #SoWorthItMoment.

That’s it, your job is done! Our five favorite posts will each receive a Helium II Jacket ($159). Post by Sunday, April 21 to be entered to win. See the examples below for inspiration.

Happy sharing! We’ll see you out there.