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BitterBlaze Aerogel Gloves


Award-winning ice and mixed climbing gloves with insulation trusted by NASA
COLOR charcoal/alloy
SIZE: XL - In stock
Infinite Guarantee
Ice climbing is a delicate, precision-driven sport, and the gear that goes along with it needs to be built in the same way. That's exactly how we developed the new BitterBlaze AereogelGloves, designed to deliver the dexterity, durability, and warmth that ice and mixed climbers demand. This groundbreaking glove pair uses the waterproof trustworthiness of GORE-TEX®, the resilience of Pittards® Oiltac goat leather, and the revolutionary warmth of PrimaLoft® Aerogel insulation used in NASA space travel. This compression-resistant thermal barrier is patterned over the palm and fingers of each glove, with multiple panels that allow retention of grip and freedom of movement. Each customized Aerogel insert reduces heat loss from freezing cold elements, like ice, rock, tools, and rope, allowing you total focus on the task at hand. Detailed down to the very last seam, the BitterBlaze Aerogel Gloves also include a carabiner loop for easy storage, pull-on loop for no-fuss application, an elasticized wrist for further range of motion, and hook and loop wrist closures to trap in heat and fasten gloves securely. Go on, get out there, and kick some ice with the BitterBlaze Aerogel Gloves on hand.
Fabric :
85% nylon
15% spandex stretch nylon twill shell
Pittards® Oiltac goat leather palm
water-resistant goat leather overlay
Primaloft® Gold Insulation 100% polyester 133 g/m2 on back of hand
Primaloft® Aerogel 1.5mm palm
Weight :
6.4oz / 179g Avg weight per pair for size L
Fabric Performance :
Pittards Oiltac Leather Palm
Primaloft® Encapsulated Aerogel Palm
Design Features :
Carabiner Loop
Pull-on Loop
Glove Clip
Protective Overlays on Critical Seams
Functional Details :
Hook and Loop Wrist Closure
Undercuff Construction
Pre-Curved Construction
Elasticized Wrist


Not the perfect yet


There were two things that I found disappointing. The first is the lack of Aerogel on the sides of the fingers. I don't understand why Aerogel is only on the finger bottoms. The sides of the fingers make contact with objects as much as the bottoms. The second issue I have is the insulation on the back of the glove could be better and what is really annoying is the insulation only covers 3/4 of the back leaving an area near the wrist where the cold cold comes through especially when it's windy.



Updated after use


I left a preliminary review when I first got these in November however I have now used them for about 10 days I've climbing. The first day I used them, I wasn't very happy. They were bulkier than I hoped and handing ropes and beaners was much harder. I switched back to my storm trackers and the wet out with in a few hours as expected. The following day I left my storm trackers at home and forced myself to use these. They are still a little bulky to do some things but when you are actually climbing, they had a good feel on the tools and were very warm by comparison to my Storm Tracker. There may be a better glove out there but over still happy. Just planning on taking gloves off for some work at anchors etc.



sloppy fingertips, not good for ice climbing, dont recommend


They dont fit well-they needed to add roll-tip fingers like on the lodestar and other great gloves that OR discountinued. the finger tips are very bulky and not good for ice-I returned them upon delivery as I knew instantly these are not ice climbing gloves that will work for my needs. I was hoping these would be a supplement to the alpine alibi-but the alpine alibi have much, much better tactile feel and less cumbersome.



The Best got Better


I fell in love with the Project gloves while ice-climbing in Bozeman, MT and thought there was no way a glove could possibly be better. As a total gadget-head I was very intrigued when someone said "NASA space gel" to me in describing the new BitterBlaze. Well, the Project could get better, and it got better with the BitterBlaze! They provide an excellent combination of dexterity and warmth, being lightweight without sacrificing either. They are definitely the best ice climbing glove I have used - I highly recommend the BitterBlaze (and presumably the Ouray).

Spokane, WA


Great Gloves


Great pair of gloves. I went snow camping in the Sierras last weekend and they worked great.



Aerogel is great, fit makes them worthless


I have work and loved OR gloves for ice climbing for years, a size small always fit snung and gave me good feel on the tools and dexterity to handle gear. I was very excited for these gloves with the aerogel integration, but after one pitch I am sending them back. The fit feels two sizes too big, so sloppy I cant even open a carabiner with them, so disappointed, hopefully they refine the fit and cuff for next year.



Warm but sloppy


Very warm for the thickness. Warmer than my Project gloves. When compared to the craftsmanship of the Project gloves, I found these disappointing. The same level of attention to detail was not given to the construction of this glove. The seams are bulky, and the tips of the fingers are floppy and tend to get trapped in carabiners while clipping the rope. Fit seems long and skinny, compared to other OR gloves. The Project gloves were a work of art. These show a lack of design effort, I'm afraid. Sure hope you guys come out with something better for next year! The insulating material is awesome. Just needed a bit more attention to the design details. All my gloves are OR. Thankfully my other gloves haven't worn out yet; I'll save them for harder leads.

Estes Park, CO

Your hands will thank you


I use these gloves for climbing mountains and they are exactly what I have been searching for light, warm, not restrictive, windproof, waterproof, great grip and I mean GREAT, tough material, I could keep going but you get the picture, I highly recommend

Port Orchard, Wa




Fingers get cold and numb in these gloves below 25 degrees. Cold creeps in through back of glove and sides and backs of fingers. Aerogel distribution does not cover these areas, so a redesign with these areas covered with aerogel, as well as palm side, would greatly help maintain heat in the glove

Columbia, MO


Where the Projects left off


the bitterblaze are the new flagship ice climbing glove taking over where the OR Project glove left off (discontinued). The Bitterblaze is very similar to the project with maybe slightly less bulk due to the new aerogel insulation. overall, the bitterblaze is just warm and dexterous enough to be your cold weather climbing glove. if I can get away with my alibi's for hard leads and dry tooling then those will be my first choice, however for the days when it is just too cold and wet, the bitterblaze will climb well enough and be warm enough without sacrificing too much dexterity.

the great north woods



3.7 13






Hey there, I just wanted to get a comparability of sizes for these gloves. I fit a Large Alibi II glove great and I fit a Medium Aksel work glove great as well. Could you advise me what size Bitterblaze glove you would recommend, based on those sizings ?

Will the ML

based on your sizing I would recommend a large in the Bitterblaze


When will you have all black gloves in larger sizes available? When measuring length and circumference of your hand to determine size where do you start and finish?


we will see a restock of the black color way in under 2 weeks! check back around mid nov. for the sizing use our size chart at the bottom of the product page.


Gloves Size guide


Measurement shown in:

*Gloves are Unisex unless marked Men's, Women's or Kids'

MEN'S S/7 M/8 L/9 XL/10
CIRCUM 7 – 7¾17.8 – 19.7 8 – 8½20.3 – 21.6 9 – 9½22.8 – 24.1 9½ – 1024.1 – 25.4
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7½ – 819.7 - 20.3 8½ – 921.6 - 22.8 9 – 9½22.8 - 24.1
WOMEN’S S/6 M/7 L/8
CIRCUM 6½ – 7¼16.5 – 18.4 7¼ – 818.4 – 20.3 8 – 8¼20.3 – 21
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7 – 7½17.8 – 19.7 7½ – 8+19.7 - 20.3+
UNISEX XS/6 S/7 M/8 L/9 XL/10
CIRCUM 6½ – 7¼16.5 – 18.4 7¼ – 818.4 – 20.3 8 – 8½20.3 – 21.6 8½ – 9½21.6 – 24.1 9½ – 1024.1 – 25.4
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7 – 7½17.8 – 19.7 7½ – 819.7 - 20.3 8 – 920.3 – 22.8 9 – 9½22.8 - 24.1
KID’S S/1 M/2 L/3 S/4 M/5 L/6
AGE 2 – 3Y 3 – 4Y 4 – 5Y 6 – 8Y 9 – 11Y 12 – 14Y
CIRCUM 4½ – 5½11.4 - 14 5½ – 614 – 15.2 6 – 6½15.2 - 16.5
LENGTH 4½ – 5¼11.4 - 13.3 5¼ – 613.3 – 15.2 6 – 6½15.2 - 16.5

How to measure

Measure around a flat hand at the knuckles,do not include your thumb. Also measure your hand length from the base of your palm to the end of your middle finger. Use the larger of the two measurements to select your glove size.