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Ghost Rain Hat


Stylish, Convertible Gore-Tex Rain Or Sun Protection
COLOR khaki
SIZE: L - In stock
Infinite Guarantee
With classic style and rugged, durable construction, the Ghost Rain Hat provides reliable convertible sun and rain protection. In foul conditions, the removable Gore-Tex crown sheds precipitation, but when the sun reappears, it packs away in a hidden pocket. Remove the waterproof Gore-Tex cover for ventilation when the temperature rises.
Fabric :
100% nylon
70D plain weave with PU coating main shell – GORETEX Paclite 2L
100% nylon 70D woven rain cover - 100% Supplex® nylon
plain weave under brim
Dimensions :
Brim Length Front/Back: 3 5/8"
Brim Length Side: 2 1/2"
Weight :
4.9oz / 139g Avg. Weight for size L
Fabric Performance :
Fully Seam-Taped
TransAction™ Headband
Mesh- Lined Crown
UPF 50+
Design Features :
Stowable Rain Cover
Dark Fabric Under Brim
Floating Foam-Stiffened Brim
External Breathable Mesh Panels
360° Lightweight Plastic Brim Edge
Embroidered Outdoor Research Logo
Embroidered OR Logo on Cover
Functional Details :
Internal Adjustable Cinch-Band™
Removable Chin Cord


Buy this hat, I wear it daily and love it.


The best all around hat I have owned by far. Living in New Mexico the sun is relentless and beats the heat on you, the only way I can endure working outside and not be misserable is cuz of this hat!



I travelled the world with this


I love the version I got about 5 years ago. Until now, it was perfect. People often commented on liking the look of it. Also I hate sunscreen, so this at least does a good job on the upper face and upper neck. I like the ventilation. The tie keeps it safe, on boats and in high winds, as we had on Greek islands. The rainfly is a fantastic benefit, in everyday life. Now I lost the rainfly. I can't find out if that part can be replaced. I mean, it's actually amazing that it didn't get lost years ago!

Western New York


This is without question.the best hat that I have ever had!


Love the hat

Rio Vista, Ca


Love it! Matter of fact I'm wearing it now!


I work outside all day and wanted a hat the to protect from the sun and rain both and this one does a great job of both And I look good in it too!!



I am pleased with the rain hat.


Works well and protects in a steady rain.



Great new hat


Love the wide brim hat to protect my face, neck, and chest while at the beach. Wore it 10 straight days in UVI index 6-11 and my face and neck remained shaded. Like the ventilation. Did not get to use the rain this trip



One and only


Live in the PNW. I've had this close to yr now and its fully functional. Summer is favorite but with light rain I keep the gore tex cover off for breath-ability screen in front as my head sweats. Heavy rain I definitely roll it out. So the fully functional description means it works in almost all weather conditions. Adjustable strap inside as I've had beanie, and buff's inside as to accommodate colder temperature changes. Several washes and still holds up the brim and fixture of the look and wear. Yes you can squish it for a short time, but takes more time to spring back over a longer period of time. Backpacking works well and rarely touches your pack.



If this product wears out, I will reorder very quickly


Received this product about the time Hurricane Florence hit. We had some serious rain and it performed well. The storm passed through our region, the sun came out and all was well until Tropical Storm Michael (formerly a Cat-4 Hurricane) came through our area. A whole lot more rain and power outages. Wore this product while checking out the neighborhood and while refueling our generator. This hat laughs at the rain and after a couple shakes, the water flies right off. You won't be sorry if purchased and I would highly recommend.

North Carolina


Brim wire deformed with use


Brim wire deformed with use.



perfect sun and rain hat in cooler weather


An update to the ol Seattle Sombrero. Nice that you can take off the goretex cap. Yes it stuffs funny but that really doesn't matter or show while wearing it with the goretex cap stuffed. It is kinda warm - would be better if the mesh didn't have the liner so it could breathe better.

Seattle, WA


Ghost Rain Hat

4.8 14






How is this hat in 80 degree weather. I'm torn between this and the Seattle Sombero.


the main difference between the two is the Ghost Rain hat has the removable Goretex crown, exposing mesh for a much cooler wear then the Seattle Sombrero, which is lined with fleece on the inside, and lacks the removable crown. Hoping this helps dial in the winning choice!


The Ghost Rain hat, was in the circumference for an XL. My head is 22" around.


XL has a circumference of: 23⅞ - 24 inches. for your size you are right inbetween S and M, I might recommend a medium at a circumference of: 22¼ - 22⅞, which is slightly larger then your head but should provide a more comfortable fit the the S, check the sizing charts below to dial in the best fit.


What is the outer dimensions of this (Ghost Rain Hat) versus the Sombriolet and Seattle Sobrero hats? Compare the medium versions for purposes of the question. I would like good UV protection first, wind resistance second and then rain last.


Hi TT, All three hats have UPF 50+ protection. For wind resistance, it ranks Seattle Sombrero>Ghost Rain>Sombriolet Sun (the Seattle Sombrero would be marginally better because of the 3 layer material). The waterproof ranking would be (Seattle>Ghost>>>Sombriolet). I'll send you measurement spec sheets of the hats with the brim lengths in a separate e-mail. Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

What is the brim size


Hi Kenn, the brim sizes of the Ghost Rain Hat are: Center Front - 3 5/8" Sides - 2 1/2" Center Back - 3 5/8" Thanks for contacting OR!

Can the hat be packed? I am concerned that I will crimp the wire in brim edge.


Hi, the Ghost Rain Hat is not packable. If it were to be packed (in a suitcase) you significantly increase the risk of deforming the brim or crown. It's possible those affected areas may return to normal with steam, however, we don't recommend packing or crushing this particular hat. Thanks for contacting OR!

Is this hat packable/crushable?


Hi, the Ghost Rain Hat is not packable/crushable. If it were to be packed (in a suitcase) or crushed then you significantly increase the risk of deforming the brim or crown. It's possible those affected areas may return to normal with steam, however, we don't recommend packing or crushing the hat. Cheers!

Hi I want the hat for fly fishing in hot or cold and wet conditions. please advise width of brims and how does it compare with the sombrero model? Also does it pack easily and come out with flat brims again etc. Thanks John Palmer


The brim of the Ghost Rain Hat is 2.5" at the sides and 3.625" at the front and back. The Seattle Sombrero brim is about a half inch wider. There is a plastic insert in the brim which gives it more structure than the Seattle Sombrero brim, but it's a little less packable as a result.


Hats Size guide


Measurement shown in:
US HAT SIZE 6¾ – 717.2 – 17.8 7⅛ – 7¼18 – 18.4 7⅜ – 7½18.7 – 19 7⅝ – 7⅞19.3 – 20
CIRCUM 21½ – 2254.6 - 55.8 22¼ – 22⅞56.2 - 58.1 23 – 23⅝58.4 - 60 23⅞ – 2460.6 - 61
US HAT SIZE 6¾ – 7⅝17.2 – 19.3 6¾ – 7¼17.2 – 18.4 7⅜ – 7⅝18.7 – 19.3
CIRCUM 21½ – 2456.2 - 61 21½ – 22⅞54.6 - 58.1 23 – 2458.4 - 61
AGE 0-1Y 1-3Y 3-6Y 6-12Y
CIRCUM 18½47 2051 2153.5 22½57.2

How to measure

Measure around your head where the headwear would fit comfortably.