01/05 Values

40 years ago a Toyota call center responded to an eccentric Seattle man who was complaining about his cupholders. Convinced he could always do better, the obsessively detail oriented founder of Outdoor Research set the stage for how we approach challenges today.

2020 presents us with challenges we couldn’t have imagined, and movements we’ll never forget. Outdoor Research believes there’s only one way to solve the biggest challenges we face: Methodically.

02/05 Inspiration

In a season where we’re kept closer to home, we use colors reminiscent of cool mountain air. Urban styling reflects where we dwell, while outdoor-inspired hues mimic shades of the forest, deep box canyons, and volcanoes ablaze with color.

Methodically bridging the spaces we live and play, you can find Outdoor Research bouldering in Central Park, braving the subway with a crash pad, or breathing in the city’s first cold spell of the season. Connecting urban and nature will nourish us through the winter months.

03/05 Design

Designing for a year like 2020 depends on extremes. From bitter city cold to steep pow days, from light and fast mountain apparel to sport face masks. Outdoor Research creates to protect and prepare you for whatever you encounter when you step outdoors.

The method in which we design, test, iterate, and improve, says just as much about our gear as it does the process in which we approach every challenge. We ask ourselves constantly: Does it do enough? How could it be better? What would we need to do to give people the greatest access, experience, and protection outside?

04/05 Technology

Outdoor Research is underpinned by innovation. We were created by a scientist and season, after season, after season, are constantly improving with the most cutting-edge technologies that improve your time outside.

Efficiency is core to our method. Developing products that use sustainable materials, durable fabrics, while maintaining light weight that allows you to go further. Our best ideas come from gear failures that leave us scathed, soaked, or freezing, thinking: There’s got to be a better way.

05/05 Community

We welcome movers, shakers, and change-makers. The methodical among you. We welcome new faces to our team and celebrate the veterans who showed us our way.

Outdoor Research wouldn’t be who we are today without the breadth of ideas and perspectives shared by our community: The employees, fans, athletes, partners, internet trolls, and family who help us create solutions to get outside. It’s your adventures that inspire us to create more, to create better. It’s your feedback that shapes the next season’s line of gear.

So help us. Inspire us. Tell us what you want, what you need. We’d love to work together. #OutdoorResearch

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