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Shop hats on sale featuring beanies, trucker hats, lightweight training hats, sun hats and more. Find the best deals around on outdoor hats that will allow you to stay comfortable all day long.

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  1. Vantage Visor, Cascade
    Vantage Visor
    Regular Price CA$30.00 Sale Price: CA$21.00
  2. ActiveIce Ubertube - Titanium, One Size
    ActiveIce Ubertube
    Regular Price CA$26.00 Sale Price: CA$18.20
  3. Advocate Trucker Cap, printed, Saddle
    Advocate Trucker Cap, printed
    Regular Price CA$35.00 Sale Price: CA$24.50
  4. Bug Helios, Khaki
    Bug Helios
    Regular Price CA$70.00 Sale Price: CA$49.00
    • Award Winner
    Seattle Sombrero
    Seattle Sombrero
    Regular Price CA$75.00 Sale Price: CA$37.50
  5. Kids' Solstice Sun Bucket
    Kids' Solstice Sun Bucket
    Regular Price CA$32.00 Sale Price: CA$32.00
  6. Swift Cap, Printed - Geoshapes, 1size
    Swift Cap, Printed
    Regular Price CA$35.00 Sale Price: CA$35.00
  7. Swift Cap
    Swift Cap
    Regular Price CA$33.00 Sale Price: CA$23.10
  8. Radar Pocket Cap, Unisex
    Radar Pocket Cap
    Regular Price CA$37.00 Sale Price: CA$22.20
  9. Tundra Aerogel Beanie - twilight
    Tundra Aerogel Beanie
    Regular Price CA$55.00 Sale Price: CA$0.00

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