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Men's Accessories

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  1. Option Balaclava
    Option Balaclava
    Regular Price CA$32.00 Sale Price: CA$32.00
  2. Ninjaclava
    Regular Price CA$36.00 Sale Price: CA$36.00
  3. Alpine Onset Balaclava
    Alpine Onset Balaclava
  4. Gorilla Balaclava
    Gorilla Balaclava
    Regular Price CA$64.00 Sale Price: CA$64.00
  5. Sonic Balaclava
    Sonic Balaclava
  6. Helmetclava
    Regular Price CA$48.00 Sale Price: CA$48.00
  7. Face Mask
    Face Mask
    Regular Price CA$34.00 Sale Price: CA$34.00
  8. Kids' Ninjaclava
    Kids' Ninjaclava
    Regular Price CA$30.00 Sale Price: CA$30.00
    • New Colors
    Men's Crocodile Gaiters
    Men's Crocodile Gaiters
    Regular Price CA$95.00 Sale Price: CA$95.00
    • Gore-Tex
    Men's Expedition Crocodile Gaiters
    Men's Expedition Crocodile Gaiters
    Regular Price CA$115.00 Sale Price: CA$115.00
  9. Surge Running Gaiters
    Surge Running Gaiters
  10. Ear Band
    Ear Band
    Regular Price CA$27.00 Sale Price: CA$27.00
  11. Men's Verglas Gaiters
    Men's Verglas Gaiters
    Regular Price CA$75.00 Sale Price: CA$75.00
  12. Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters
    Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters
    Regular Price CA$45.00 Sale Price: CA$45.00
  13. Flex-Tex II Gaiters
    Flex-Tex II Gaiters
    Regular Price CA$75.00 Sale Price: CA$75.00
  14. Men's Rocky Mountain High Gaiters
    Men's Rocky Mountain High Gaiters
    Regular Price CA$55.00 Sale Price: CA$55.00

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