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Men's fleece jackets and hoodies, wear them on their own or as a warm layer beneath a shell.

Men's Fleece & HoodiesMen's Fleece & HoodiesMen's Fleece & Hoodies

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    • New
    Men's Vigor Plus Fleece Hoodie, Elk
    Men's Vigor Plus Fleece Hoodie
    Regular Price CA$205.00 Sale Price: CA$205.00
    • New
    Men's Vigor Plus Fleece Jacket, Nimbus
    Men's Vigor Plus Fleece Jacket
    Regular Price CA$185.00 Sale Price: CA$185.00
    • New
    Men's Juneau Fleece Jacket, Naval Blue
    Men's Juneau Fleece Jacket
    Regular Price CA$159.00 Sale Price: CA$159.00
    • New
    Anniversary Hoodie, Black
    Anniversary Hoodie
    Regular Price CA$95.00 Sale Price: CA$95.00
    • S-XXXL
    Men's Trail Mix Snap Pullover, Cascade
    Men's Trail Mix Snap Pullover
    Regular Price CA$100.00 Sale Price: CA$100.00
    • S-XXXL
    Men's Trail Mix Hoodie, Cascade/Naval Blue
    Men's Trail Mix Hoodie
    Regular Price CA$115.00 Sale Price: CA$115.00
  1. Men's Ferrosi Hoodie, Loden
    Men's Ferrosi Hooded Jacket
    Regular Price CA$160.00 Sale Price: CA$160.00
  2. Men's Vigor Full Zip
    Men's Vigor Full Zip
    Regular Price CA$129.00 Sale Price: CA$90.30
  3. Men's Vigor Quarter Zip, Cascade
    Men's Vigor Quarter Zip
    Regular Price CA$110.00 Sale Price: CA$77.00
  4. Men's Vigor Full Zip Hoodie, Black
    Men's Vigor Full Zip Hoodie
    Regular Price CA$129.00 Sale Price: CA$129.00
  5. Men's Chain Reaction Hoodie, Black
    Men's Chain Reaction Hoodie
    Regular Price CA$90.00 Sale Price: CA$63.00
  6. Men's Flurry Jacket
    Men's Flurry Jacket
  7. Men's Baritone Quarter Zip
    Men's Baritone Quarter Zip
    Regular Price CA$110.00 Sale Price: CA$110.00
  8. Men's Georgetown Hooded Jacket, Madder
    Men's Georgetown Hooded Jacket
    Regular Price CA$170.00 Sale Price: CA$119.00
  9. Men's Baritone Full Zip Hoodie, Fir
    Men's Baritone Full Zip Hoodie
    Regular Price CA$130.00 Sale Price: CA$130.00

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