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Shop award winning men’s sun hats featuring wide brim hats, bucket hats, sun capes and more. Pack a men’s sun hat for a long day on the water, hiking or running during the summer months. Select a style that fits your activity and stay comfortable all day long no matter how hot the sun gets.

Men's Sun HatsMen's Sun HatsMen's Sun Hats

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    • Out of Stock
    Nomad Sun Hat, Lead
    Nomad Sun Hat
  1. Helios Sun Hat
    Helios Sun Hat
    Regular Price CA$43.00 Sale Price: CA$43.00
  2. Sun Runner Cap, Lead
    Sun Runner Cap
    Regular Price CA$43.00 Sale Price: CA$43.00
    • Out of Stock
    Equinox Sun Hat, Flint
    Equinox Sun Hat
  3. Sombriolet Sun Hat, Cascade
    Sombriolet Sun Hat
    Regular Price CA$52.00 Sale Price: CA$52.00
    • Award Winner
    Equinox Cape Cap, Charcoal
    Equinox Cape Cap
    Regular Price CA$40.00 Sale Price: CA$0.00
  4. Sun Bucket, Unisex
    Sun Bucket
    Regular Price CA$42.00 Sale Price: CA$42.00
    • Out of Stock
    Papyrus Brim Sun Hat
    Papyrus Brim Sun Hat
    Regular Price CA$45.00 Sale Price: CA$45.00
    • Out of Stock
    Wadi Rum Bucket, Flint
    Wadi Rum Bucket
    Regular Price CA$50.00 Sale Price: CA$50.00
    • Out of Stock
    Removable Sun Cape, Khaki
    Removable Sun Cape
    Regular Price CA$20.00 Sale Price: CA$20.00
  5. Vantage Full Brim Hat - Cascade
    Vantage Full Brim Hat
    Regular Price CA$45.00 Sale Price: CA$0.00
    • Award Winner
    Swift Cap, Cascade Reflective
    Swift Cap
    Regular Price CA$33.00 Sale Price: CA$33.00
  6. Deluxe Spring Ring Headnet
    Deluxe Spring Ring Headnet
    Regular Price CA$29.00 Sale Price: CA$29.00
  7. M - Fatigue - Bug Bucket Hat - Sun protection and mesh insect protection
    Bug Bucket
    Regular Price CA$43.00 Sale Price: CA$43.00
  8. Radar Pocket Cap
    Radar Pocket Cap
    Regular Price CA$37.00 Sale Price: CA$37.00
  9. Swift Cap, Printed - Geoshapes, 1size
    Swift Cap, Printed
    Regular Price CA$35.00 Sale Price: CA$35.00

Browse award-winning men’s sun hats, wide brim hats, hiking hats and more. Designed to keep you protected from the harmful rays of the sun while staying cool and comfortable all day long. Pack a men’s sun hat while you head out on the water or the trail stay and protected & cool all day long. Some best-selling men’s sun hats include the Wadi Rum Full Brim Hat, Nomad Sun Hat, Helios Sun Hat, Sun Runner Cap, Equinox Sun Hat, Sombriolet Sun Hat and more. Learn more about what UPF means.

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