Tactical Glove Systems

The Outdoor Research Tactical Team is dedicated to developing product through the lens of the elite end user, focusing on solving problems and engineering mission-specific capability across all categories: handwear systems, apparel, and accessories.


With over 30 years of close cooperation with the brave men and women of our armed forces and law enforcement community, we blend our experience in the tactical environment with our knowledge of the mountains. We take pride crafting mission enhancing, innovative apparel and glove systems that offer environmental protection ranging from desert to arctic environments.

Choose From Two Glove Systems

Modular Glove System (MGS)

The Outdoor Research Modular Glove System (MGS), is a complete collection of protective handwear that’s been designed to work together for optimal dexterity, tactility, and reduced weight. Many of these pieces utilize Outdoor Research exclusive 3D Fit Technology™; a new generation of 3D modeling pattern-making that allows total freedom of movement and functionality.


These products were designed in collaboration with and for elite operators who require complete weapon control, temperature management, and confidence when out in rugged environments on tactical missions.


100% Berry Amendment compliant.

Build Your System

1. Base Layer

Fire resistant (FR) liner base layer glove.

2. Work Glove

Durable work gloves with touchscreen compatibility.

3. Midweight

 Soft shell weather protection, grip and mobility.

4. Liner

Insulated liners add warmth to the system.

5. Shell

Waterproof shells for maximum weather protection.

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If looking to purchase issued CWGS styles with NSNs, please reach out to orpro@outdooresearch.com

Cold Weather Glove System (CWGS)

The system that was selected by the U.S. Army for the next generation Cold Weather Glove System (CWGS). The interchangeable system is comprised of five individual gloves with varying levels of temperature protection and is customizable depending upon mission requirements.


Each glove within the system is designed as “no melt, no drip” to protect against rapid heating during combat operations. Each glove can be worn independently or layered to provide scalable protection against a variety of temperatures. Combining elements of the CWGS provides “fast doffing” capabilities, or rapid removal for short-term manual dexterity.


100% Berry Amendment compliant.

Build Your Cold Weather Glove System

1. Base layer

FR Liner Gloves

Part of the new Cold Weather Glove System, the CWGS FR Liner Gloves are the perfect choice if one needs FR liners for operations in moderately cool environments. 


2. Work Glove

Convoy Gloves

Durable work glove with enhanced tactility designed for all-around tool and weapon handling in cold conditions, that provides index finger and thumb touchscreen compliance.

3. Trigger Finger Mitt

TF Mitt™

Extreme cold patrol mitts with trigger finger design. Insulating warmth, breathable construction, and waterproof protection wrapped into a pair of high-altitude patrol mitts for extremely cold conditions. 

3. Extreme Cold Weather Mitten

Firebrand Mitts™ USA

Extreme cold weather mitten or trigger finger mitten that is waterproof, windproof and seam taped for unparalleled protection against the elements.

4. Overwhites

Overwhite Mitten™ USA

White overglove made of Alpine Multicam™ that fits over multiple glove/mitten combinations, providing camouflage in winter conditions.

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Please reach out to orpro@outdooresearch.com with questions.

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