Totally waterproof, super breathable and incredibly lightweight, our air permeable, laminated AscentShell™ apparel provides high-exertion alpine athletes with complete protection against rain, snow, wind, and inclement weather. AscentShell fabric's amazing breathability quickly vents perspiration and excess heat during aerobic activity, and its light weight saves precious energy on demanding endeavors. 


 VerticalX™ is the high-loft synthetic insulation that combines a superior warmth-to-weight ratio with breathability and moisture management that’s defining a new category of protective temperature control. Water-resistant and resilient against harsh climates, VerticalX™ combines the best of weather protective ruggedness with lightweight compressibility in a packable size. If you’re looking for active comfort, look no further than the insulating, moisture-transferring products featuring VerticalX™ technology.



Providing a waterproof barrier against rain, snow, and wind in tough, hardworking, rugged environments, Ventia Dry™ construction ensures moisture from the outside won't penetrate fabric. Breathability allows body vapor and moisture that builds during active pursuits to escape for greater warmth and comfort. With seam-taping for the most thorough protection, this proprietary technology provides storm-worthy protection for active use in rugged, demanding conditions.


Primaloft Aerogel Insulation

Deadening cold is no match for the innovative breakthrough of PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel. Optimally designed for footwear and handwear applications, Aerogel insulation is a compression-resistant and waterproof thermal barrier made up of millions of air pockets that reduce heat loss from freezing cold elements. Aerogel is trusted by NASA space travel and retains on average 96% of its original thermal performance when faced with the pressure caused by active hands and feet.


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