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    • Gear of the Year
    Women's Interstellar Jacket
    Women's Interstellar AscentShell Jacket
    Regular Price CA$399.00 Sale Price: CA$399.00
    • New
    Women's MicroGravity AscentShell Jacket - lead
    Women's MicroGravity AscentShell Jacket
    Regular Price CA$349.00 Sale Price: CA$349.00
    • Award Winner
    Women's Ferrosi Hooded Jacket
    Women's Ferrosi Hooded Jacket
    Regular Price CA$160.00 Sale Price: CA$160.00
  1. Women's Cirque II Pants
    Women's Cirque II Pants
    Regular Price CA$185.00 Sale Price: CA$185.00
  2. Women's Hyak Pants
    Women's Hyak Pants
    Regular Price CA$160.00 Sale Price: CA$160.00
  3. Women's Refuge Hybrid Hooded Jacket
    Women's Refuge Hybrid Hooded Jacket
    Regular Price CA$215.00 Sale Price: CA$215.00
  4. Women's Refuge Vest
    Women's Refuge Vest
    Regular Price CA$160.00 Sale Price: CA$160.00
  5. Women's Refuge Hooded Jacket
    Women's Refuge Hooded Jacket
    Regular Price CA$250.00 Sale Price: CA$250.00
  6. Women's Refuge Air Hooded Jacket
    Women's Refuge Air Hooded Jacket
    Regular Price CA$300.00 Sale Price: CA$300.00
    • Award Winner
    Women's Illuminate Down Hoody
    Women's Illuminate Down Hoody
    Regular Price CA$325.00 Sale Price: CA$325.00
  7. Women's Vigor Quarter Zip
    Women's Vigor Quarter Zip
    Regular Price CA$99.00 Sale Price: CA$99.00
  8. Women's Echo S/S Tee
    Women's Echo S/S Tee
    Regular Price CA$47.00 Sale Price: CA$47.00
  9. Women's Echo L/S Tee
    Women's Echo L/S Tee
    Regular Price CA$55.00 Sale Price: CA$55.00
  10. Women's Echo Quarter Zip
    Women's Echo Quarter Zip
    Regular Price CA$65.00 Sale Price: CA$65.00
  11. Women's Echo Hoody
    Women's Echo Hoody
    Regular Price CA$75.00 Sale Price: CA$75.00
  12. Women's Voodoo Pants - Regular
    Women's Voodoo Pants - Regular
    Regular Price CA$135.00 Sale Price: CA$135.00
  13. Women's Voodoo Pants - Short
    Women's Voodoo Pants - Short
    Regular Price CA$135.00 Sale Price: CA$135.00
  14. Women's Transcendent Down Hoody
    Women's Transcendent Down Hoody
    Regular Price CA$270.00 Sale Price: CA$202.50
    • Powder Magazine
    Women's Hemispheres Jacket
    Women's Hemispheres Jacket
    Regular Price CA$750.00 Sale Price: CA$375.00
  15. Women's Transcendent Down Jacket
    Women's Transcendent Down Jacket
    Regular Price CA$240.00 Sale Price: CA$180.00
  16. Women's Transcendent Down Vest
    Women's Transcendent Down Vest
    Regular Price CA$175.00 Sale Price: CA$87.50

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