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  • The Methow Headwaters are located in the midst of some of the Northwest’s most spectacular and iconic lands, including North Cascades National Park, the Pasayten Wilderness and the North Cascades Scenic Highway. This area is now threatened by industrial-scale copper mining. Learn what you can do to help through the link in our profile. 
The Way Up – Running the Alps with photographer @DanPatitucci - The Dossen is a peak that the locals do but a visitor to the Alps would never hear about. Yet it’s one of my favorites. To ascend the Dossen (3,144 meters), the day starts in one of the Alps’ most quintessentially Swiss valleys, the Rosenlaui above Meiringen. Past hamlets and cows, you'll quickly rise through the forest into a glacier carved valley before literally hitting a wall. The exposed trail continues up the wall for another 600 meters. Here’s Alister Bignell on his way up with the Rosenlauigletscher in the background. Photo by @DanPatitucci. For local info about mountain sports in the Alps, follow Dan's new page @AlpsInsight. #OutdoorResearch
If you haven’t tried a PNW mosstache, I highly recommend it. It’s a great facial strengthening exercise once you can dial it in like @kajebobaje Meanwhile is back at the office practicing... #OutdoorResearch
#Climbing Denali with @EmilieDrinkwater - Pee bottles are a way of life on cold weather expeditions. But if you happen get up and go outside at 3am, camp will be cold and quiet and you might be rewarded with incredible pink clouds and views of Mt Hunter (14,500’) and Mt Foraker (17,400’) above a sea of clouds. #OutdoorResearch #SheAdventures
Congratulations to @doitforthejourney! We’ve selected her photo as the winner for April’s #SheAdventures monthly giveaway. In her words, “We call this move The Starfish. High entertainment value, low sending value.” For capturing the starfish, we’re awarding her a Whirlwind Hoody ($115). Keep posting to #SheAdventures, we pick a new winner every month.
The mountain art of @SarahVirginiaUhl - Taking in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru invited an imaginative pallet of color. Not only did this alpine kingdom inspire me, but it ignited a new way of recording the land through travel journals, watercolor and time spent beside the mountain instead of on top of it. // Me and my rendition of Laguna Llaca outside of Huaraz, Peru in 2015. photo credit: @carlzoch #OutdoorResearch