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Interstellar Bivy


Un sac de bivouac imperméable en toute saison, durable et polyvalent pour les aventuriers qui recherchent un petit quelque chose en plus de leur abri
COLOR storm
SIZE: 1size
Infinite Guarantee
Élaboré à partir des recommandations, des avis et des sacs de bivouac préférés des employés Outdoor Research, le sac de bivouac Revelation Bivy représente des années d’idéalisation de ce qu’est une nuit parfaite à la belle étoile. La technologie AscentShell™ à coutures étanches offre une respirabilité imperméable, et un arceau unique peut être utilisé pour créer de l’espace au-dessus de la tête ou laissé sur le chemin pour économiser du poids. Une entrée latérale récemment conçue vous permet d’entrer et de sortir de votre abri plus rapidement et plus facilement qu’auparavant, tandis que la conception innovante de la fermeture zippée et de l’auvent intégré vous permet de vous asseoir pour effectuer des tâches (comme cuisiner ou ranger vos affaires) sans avoir à sortir.
Fabric :
Dessus en Ripstop 20D
100 % nylon AscentShell™ 3 L
fond en Ripstop 40D
100 % nylon avec TPU
Dimensions :
82" x 26" x 17" (length x top width x top height)
Weight :
21oz / 596g 
Fabric Performance :
perméable à l’air
coutures entièrement enduites
Design Features :
Grande ouverture
une boucle pour haubans tendeurs
deux boucles de fixation pour sardines
Functional Details :
Système d’arceau unique Derlin®


Perfect lightweight one-person shelter


I got this last minute before river guiding season in central Idaho because it had been a wet spring and I was sick of carrying around a tent. From dew protection sleeping right next to the river, to rain and even snow protection, this thing does great. We had unexpected snow on the summer solstice and I stayed warm, perfectly dry and much happier than some other folks who didn't have a good bivy. One thing that takes some getting used to is all the zipper pulls, but that is just a byproduct of all of the handy features. I am extremely satisfied with this product!

Stanley, ID


Fantastic lightweight, functionnal bivy


Breathable. Zipper design is excellent. Waterproof. Not as durable as the Alpine, but way more compact and lighterweight. Durable enough, but needs some care still (whereas the Alpine doesn't really need any care). The countless zipper pulls make it a bit hard to operate, but also a lot more versatile and practical. When you sleep with the "face section" open, I recommend tucking it inwards to avoid having the wind blowing it back up.



Excellent Bivy!


Light weight, low bulk and super easy to set-up. I finally had the chance to use this bivy and came away extremely happy with it. I spent the night on snow in temperatures near/below freezing and was very comfortable. With a small gap unzipped at the head, I did not notice any appreciable moisture build up inside (I can't speak for other conditions yet as this was my first time using it). I was able to shift around with ease inside while reading a book and during the night while side-sleeping and back sleeping. There are a lot of zippers to manage, but as long as I kept the two head zippers at the top of the bivy, and the arm zippers to the sides I had no trouble finding them in the middle of the night to make adjustments (they are labeled as well). Very happy with this addition to my kit!

Ventura County, CA


I would definitely buy this again


The bivy is great. Super lightweight and compact for a shelter that gives you full protection from wind and rain. This is my new go-to for all trips where I'm not sharing a shelter. The set up is quick and easy and the size allows for a much easier time finding space to lay out for the night when compared to a tent. I love the ability to keep the sides open for increased ventilation (even in the rain without getting wet), since I like to have a cool fresh breeze on my face while sleeping at any temperature above 25f. My first couple nights I struggled to keep the pole locked in place since I move around a lot when I sleep but after 3 nights, the pole took on the shape of the bivy's arc and has since felt reliably stable. There are a lot of zippers which can be confusing the first couple uses but they become very intuitive after a couple nights of use. If this is your first bivy, I recommend using it a few times in the backyard or on the deck before your first real outing with it so that you can figure out how you like to set up your sleep system and zipper ventilation. I strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a lightweight, compact and harsh or fine weather ready sleeping shelter.

Lynnwood, WA


I would sleep in it again and again and again


I spent a couple of winter nights in while in the forests of Northern Arizona. The bivy kept me warm and dry in the snow. When sleeping that first night outside, I always end up tossing and turning, the bivy was nice and roomy to let me move around (I'm 5'9" and wear a L jacket). The only thing I don't like are the fifty-thousand (i kid) zipper pulls. Granted they're all labeled, but at 2 in the morning, I'm not looking to read the label.

oly, wa


Warm and Comfortable in Below Freezing Conditions


I was not a bivy user before committing to try the Interstellar Bivy. I have been backpacking for years and was a committed tent user. I had written off bivy sacks as constricting, limited, and tricky to use. I was wrong and I'm now a converted bivy user. I used the Interstellar on a below freezing night outside of Zion National Park. My sleep system included the bivy, and R 5.7 sleeping pad, and a 20 degree quilt. After some initial fiddling with zippers I settled in warm and cozy. I had just enough room to read and plenty of room to shift positions. (I am a restless sleeper) I slept warm and comfortable through the night. This is in contrast to the four other people in my group - one with a zero degree bag - that reported being cold. Bivy sack for the win! I will be modifying this to add longer parachute cord zipper pulls to the main zipper vs. the hands zipper. They are all the same size and can be otherwise confusing. Easy fix.

Seattle, WA



4.8 6






what are the main differences between this and the alpine bivy?


main difference would be the fabric construction, as the Interstellar uses Ascentshell fabric, check out this blog post to help with more specifics!:


Question on Interstellar vs Stargazer. It appears they're made of the same materials, but the Interstellar notes itself as a 4 season bivy. Are they the same denier etc? If so, what are the differences that makes one 4 season and one not. Thanks.


both would be considered 4 season, however the interstellars ability to be used while sitting up, makes for a much better option in less then ideal weather and makes it shine as the 4 season choice.


Can you really sit up in the bivy, utilizing the sombrero design, without the rigidity of your sleeping pad preventing this? Most air pads (at least the high-volume kind) and self-inflating pads are pretty rigid when fully inflated, I have a hard time imagining that working well. I can see a closed-cell pad working, because those are flexible, and maybe a cellular type air pad (i.e. Sea To Summit), and perhaps a half-length pad that you slide down, but otherwise I can't imagine sitting up in this bivy as depicted in the video if you have an air pad or self-inflating pad. I'd like some clarification, because if one of the most prominent features is only compatible with certain types of pads, that's something I'd like to know. Otherwise it seems like an excellent bivy, I'm debating between buying this one and the Stargazer, and this is the biggest differentiator as far as I can tell.


the interstellar is compatible with any pad that will fit with the bivy dimensions, 82" length x 26" head width x 19" foot width x 17" top height, and many of our users have inflatable pads and can sit up without issues, hoping this helps, otherwise check out verticulture blog on which bivy is right for you for alot more info on our new bivies!