Men's Alti Mitts™

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HANDSCHUHE FÜR DAS DACH DER WELT Die warmen und maximalen Schutz bietenden Alti Mitts wurden für Achttausender und Arktisexpeditionen entwickelt.Für absoluten Schutz vor Wind, Wetter und Abrieb sind die Alti Mitts mit atmungsaktivem und wasserdichtem GORE-TEX® sowie dickem Moonlite Pile™ Fleece und PrimaLoft® Gold Isolierung ausgestattet. Dazu kommen die herausnehmbaren Innenhandschuhe, die extrem robusten, wetterfesten Handflächen aus Pittards®-Leder und Kevlarnähte.






  • Materialeigenschaften: Wasserdicht, atmungsaktiv, winddicht, Feuchtigkeit transportierend, vollständig getapte Nähte, wasserabweisende Lederinnenhand, Moonlight Pile Fleece-Futter an Innenhand
  • Ausstattungsmerkmale: Kevlarnähte, herausnehmbarer Innenhandschuh, Tasche für Heat Pack, abnehmbare Sicherheitsleine, Anziehhilfe, Handschuhclip, Karabinerschlaufe, Antirutsch-AlpenGrip™-Laschen
  • Funktionsdetails: Elastisches Handgelenk, SuperCinch™-Stulpenverschluss, vorgeformte Box-Konstruktion, dreiteilige Daumenkonstruktion


Fabric: GORE-TEX®, 2.5L 100% nylon, 40D ripstop shell - Pittards® Armortan® leather shell palm - 100% nylon ripstop liner - PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation 100% polyseter 170g/m2 in shell, 340 g/m2 in liner

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 12.8oz / 364g (L)


As warm as they come (Review by Miguel)

Excellent - already legendary - gloves for when the weather gets really rough. Inner mitts can be removed if too much warmth becomes an unexpected visitor. Hard to picture any downside to these mitts. So far so beyond good; highly recommended!

(Am 26.04.16 gepostet)

-30 degrees? No problem (Review by Cam)

Couldn't be happier. When my gloves fail to keep me warm, these come out without worry. I've used them now on several winter climbs and they've proven themselves. I can even somehow grip zipper tabs through the insulation without a lot of fumbling around. I have a lot of confidence in these mitts.

(Am 21.01.16 gepostet)

The only solution to cold fingers in Chicago while biking (Review by Baba_booey)

Although I'm not on expeditions in the Antarctic, these Alti Mitts have served me well in my bike commutes (30 minutes) here in Chicago with temps well below 0 F at times (plus windchill).

I can attest to the effectiveness of these Alti Mitts in keeping your hands/fingers warm and comfortable. I had tried prior methods (extra layers, etc.) but to no avail.

After almost two seasons of use, these are staying warm, dry and effective in all climates. I'm hoping they will last for many more seasons.

(Am 16.12.15 gepostet)

Simplement incroyable ces mitaines! (Review by Sylvain, QC, Canada)

Bonjour, j'ai acheté ces mitaines il y a deux ans, principalement pour assurer en escalade de glace par temps très froid et résister aux conditions des sommets. À toute les fois que j'enfile ces mitaines à mon arrivé au relais je suis tellement heureux de me les être procurer. Elle sont incroyablement chaude et résistante, 100% windproof et waterproof. Et malgré leur dimension elle sont assez légère et permettent de manipuler une corde pour assurer assez facilement et sécuritairement car on sens bien la corde.

(Am 16.11.15 gepostet)

Awesome (Review by nfldkayaker)

If you play outside in the bitter cold these are the mitts for you. I usually only use the outer mitt with lighter gloves because these are so warm:) When used with the liner these are so warm that all your worries about frostbite should be extinguished. Great job OR!!

Johnny Walsh

(Am 14.09.15 gepostet)

Best mitts I every owned (Review by Cliff)

The last few days the temperature in Chicago was in the single digits without taking into account the wind chill factor. These gloves are amazing. I was walking for over 90 minutes and my hands stayed warm the whole time. I now have 4 pairs of "cold weather" gloves in the drawer that I will never use.

(Am 09.01.15 gepostet)

Waste no more time, buy this now (Review by Elizabeth)

I pull these out when I'm hiking and it gets seriously cold. I have hiked and camped in -20F conditions for 15+ years with these mittens. This is the mitten you want. I have never regretted buying them. A hand warmer fits in them nicely, if you need them. I have used the outer glove by itself with a lighter glove liner inside them when it is about 20-25F. The out layer blocks the wind and is completely water proof. The inner foam liner has a little bit of velcro to keep them in place and it works well. The liner is long enough that it covers my lower arm and the pull string keeps out the snow if you fall and find yourself buried in powder. The inner mitten is flexible enough that you still have some dexterity. I guess my only complaint is that they work too well! Your hands can get hot in them and then your hand is sweaty. But then I just wear the over mitt by itself, which shows how flexible the system works. I am their #1 biggest fan! Buy them! Buy them! :-)

(Am 29.12.14 gepostet)

Wow! (Review by trail man)

The warmest pair of mittens I have ever owned. 10 degrees or there today and my hands were almost hot. I usually take a large so I can put a smaller pair of gloves in to keep my hands warmer. No need with these babies. Yes, they're a bit pricier but well worth it.
If your hands get cold in the dead of winter, get these.
Very happy :)

(Am 16.01.14 gepostet)

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