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    OR Infiltrator Jacket coyote
    OR Infiltrator Pants coyote
    OR Colossus Parka mas grey
    OR Tradecraft Jacket mas grey
    OR Tradecraft Vest multicam
    OR Tradecraft Pants mas grey
    OR Obsidian Hooded Jacket mas grey
    OR Obsidian Pants mas grey
    OR Prevail Hooded Jacket mas grey
    OR Foundation Bottoms coyote
    OR Foundation L/S Crew coyote
    OR Foundation L/S Zip Top coyote
    OR Outpost Sensor Gloves coyote
    OR Convoy Sensor Gloves coyote
    OR Coldshot Sensor Gloves coyote
    OR Suppressor Sensor Gloves all black
    OR MGS Fleece Sensor Gloves coyote
    OR Aerator Sensor Gloves coyote
    OR Ironsight Sensor Gloves all black
    OR MGS Lightweight Combat Sensor Gloves coyote
    OR Halberd Sensor Gloves all black