Airpurge Dry Compression Sack

Style# 242798OR

AIR-PERMEABLE FOR COMPLETE COMPRESSION The AirPurge Dry Compression Sack features an air permeable/waterproof fabric band that purgesexcess air from the sack during compression. Fully taped seams and a roll-top closure providecomplete water protection.






  • Fabric Performance: Waterproof, Air-Permeable Panel, Compressible, Durable, Fully Seam-Taped
  • Design Features: Roll-Top Closure, Buckled Lid, Compression Straps, Webbing Handle On Bottom
  • Functional Details: Air-Permeable Band Allows Evacuation of Air


Fabric: 100% nylon, 70D with TPU lamination main body - 100% nylon, 30D ripstop air release band

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 5.2oz / 146g (10L)

Customer Reviews

Was looking for something like this for a while (Review by Alex)

I find the other dry bags with valve systems very heavy and a pain to fiddle with. This bag is simple, light and fast. Genius and it should be issued to troops. 4 stars because I'm not sure how long the valve system part will stay waterproof. Only time will tell

(Posted on 12/31/16)

Not a Buoy (Review by Kit Badger)

So, long story short I miss used one of these in a albeit creative way... And it didn't work. But as long as you are just trying to keep rain and snow off of your goodies, you are golden. You can check out my video review of it here:

(Posted on 10/24/16)

Keeps sleeping bag dry (Review by SUP33)

I've used this sack in multiple uses including backpack trips to multiple day SUP paddle trips. I mainly used this sack to compress my sleeping bag and also keeping it dry. Great quality product.

(Posted on 7/16/16)

excellent (Review by SeeJ)

My collection of OR dry bags, including a number of compression sacks have now been through a full year of nearly continuous use. As a hiking guide, I rely on these to keep my stuff dry. ALL my OR dry bags are standing up to tough use. I haven't had any leaks despite heavy rain, snow and the occasional dunking. The compression bags are especially useful because my sleeping bag, tent (or tarp) and down-filled clothing take up less space allowing me to use a smaller backpack on some trips.

(Posted on 6/6/16)

very good sack so far! (Review by Rimmer)

Leading to an early spring expedition, I purchased a new pack this winter. I have relied on large Dollard store bought plastic large zip lock bag as a dry system for a few years now...the problem is and as been "compression and overall volume". Although my new pack is 75 liters and love it, the zip lock option was becoming bulky and burdensome. This review is premature since I have not tested the water resiliency but as far as my immediate needs it exceeds my expectations. The compression straps are sturdy and really do compress the content!. there is however an ( art/trick) on how to pack this sack...heavy non compressible items first, then the rest. The daisy chain is excessive but will become very useful since I use a Hennesy hammock and don't have a lot of room to keep things dry in the tent. It will allow me to hang my dry bag just under the opening of my tent but if the water repellent is true I don't even need to be worried about that . I have the 15 Liter and was able to compress all of my dry stuff plus a few pairs of socks...happy feet! AND it fit nice and snug within my pack which is why I like this product so much. More to come when I test the Canadian harsh spring in Algonquin

(Posted on 8/31/15)

Great compression sack (Review by out there)

Ok, so its hard to get excited about a compression sack, right? This one is perfect. I was on a multi day kayak trip and needed UL and bomber waterproof. It is totally waterproof, super lightweight, and the air purge thru the yellow patch means that after you compress it down to a little ball, you can sit on it and make it flat and even more compressed. Its so simple and effective.

(Posted on 4/29/14)

Airpurge Dry Compression Sacks™ (Review by By Chuck)

I have a lot of OR compression sacks that I appreciate and never let me down. But I dislike that one. I bought it and went for a 4 days bicycle trip. I used it for compressing my sleeping bag (a lightweight down sleeping bag). It broke on the second morning. The buckles used for the compression straps are half the thickness of those used on my other bags, so it broke and I was left with an half compressed bag... The buckles may be lighter, but it won't do the job. That said, if was satisfied with the rest of the design, which is sensibly the same than my other sacks.

(Posted on 8/21/13)

Airpurge Dry Compression Sacks™ (Review by By ridged8)

The material, very thick and strong. It has a slick outer layer, which aids very well when loading a tightly packed hatch. The quality of the hardware, is what we've all come to love about Outdoor Research's products over the years.

(Posted on 2/12/13)

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