Men's Stormtracker Gloves™

Style# 243325OR

The ultimate in backcountry versatility, the StormTracker Gloves are equally at home alpine climbing, ski touring or ice climbing. Low-profile WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell fabric deflects biting gusts, and a tricot lining retains valuable heat. The streamlined profile allows for amazing breathability, unprecedented dexterity and extraordinary tactility.






  • Durable
  • Water Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Wicking
  • Quick Drying
  • Soft and Tactile Leather Palm
  • MotionWrap™ AT Construction for Dexterity
  • Elasticized Wrist
  • Gusseted Entry with Locking Zipper
  • Pull Loop


Fabric: WINDSTOPPER® soft shell, 94% nylon, 6% spandex face fabric with 100% polyester backer // Water-resistant goat leather palm // 100% polyester tricot lining

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 4.1oz / 115g (L)

Customer Reviews

Comparison with Sensor Gloves (Review by Rudy)

I compared the Stormtracker gloves to the OR Sensor Gloves. Both are similar weight gloves. The Sensor gloves are considerably cheaper, do not use waterproof/windproof material on the back of the hand, have less of a wrist cuff, and use cow leather instead of goat leather. However, the gloves feel very much the same on the hand in terms of warmth (when dry) and dexterity. The Stormtrackers feel somewhat tougher and definitely more weatherproof because of the waterproof/windproof material, so they are what I would choose for climbing or other activities where dexterity and constant use of hands in all conditions are imperative. My primary function for these gloves, however, is shoulder season backpacking in Alaska, which demands much less of a glove than climbing does. For this, the Sensors win easily, because of their cheaper price, their slightly more breathable feel, and most importantly, their touchscreen comparability (which is really quite good.) The touchscreen compatibility isn't so important to me in the mountains (to some it might be), but it makes these gloves just as useful around town as in the back-country. I hope this review helps anyone who was debating between these two gloves like I was.

(Posted on 9/29/15)

Tactile and fit (Review by Bestbuilder)

Great pair of gloves-
The fit for my hand is almost perfect. They fit and feel like a pair of car racing gloves with a little more insulation. The tactile feel and dexterity make these a must for spring climbs and warmer winter ascents. Excellent for ascending or glissading on corn snow that would normally tear you hands to shreds. The Leather is not as bulky as the photo shows, its very supple but not fragile. They dry very quickly.
Ditto on what the other review have said-

(Posted on 5/4/15)

If you need dexterity look no further (Review by bonnell123)

This is an OUTSTANDING glove! I work as a mailman in Wyoming, so i spend many of my days in sub-zero temps. My job requires hand agility in these conditions. However; one sacrifices warmth for dexterity in these conditions.

This glove will hold it's own down to about 20F. After that point I recommend adding a PL liner for extra insulation. I am currently using PL 100's; I am able to retain warmth without sacrificing hand dexterity.

I did not have to go larger or smaller for the liiner. The medium PL fits fine in the Medium glove. This combination has so far held to down to -5F.

The glove is very rugged and will take a pounding without tearing or coming apart. They are light enough to be shoved in a pocket when not needed. For what I use them for there is no better glove!

(Posted on 1/31/15)

Great fit and dexterity (Review by Jason)

Upgraded from the PL400. The windstopper is great. Leather on fingers and palm is great. Fit is great. I am 6' and 175lbs and wear a medium. I have hands that fit in both mediums and large size gloves. The medium is a little better fit and i have no movement really in the glove. Reason I purchased these was for the fit and dexterity. They keep your hands warmer and have less bulk than the PL400 in my opinion. Worth the price.

(Posted on 11/19/14)

Zipper done broke! (Review by Namesnick)

I had these gloves for about two weeks submitting fourteeners and they performed great. Warm, wind proof and very grippy. I was very persuaded by the fit of these gloves. The way the cuff zipped down cut out any bulk around the cuff, unfortunately this was also the downfall of the glove. The zipper failed. The unit came off of the teeth as I zipped it down as there was no stopper at the end of it. Really like the gloves, wish they'd have worked out. OR was awesome about it though, just hope they fix that issue!

(Posted on 9/19/14)

I love them as backpacking gloves and mitt liners (Review by Tgrabs)

I originally bought these as backpacking gloves. I'll get back to that in a moment. This winter I found an unexpected use that changed my winter: mitt liners for my Meteor Mitts. They are tactile and dextrous enough to allow for some fine work and yet warm and compact enough that they work better for mitt liners than the mitten shaped mitt liners that come with overmitts like Meteor Mitts. Here's why: you never need to expose your fingers to the cold like you do with the finger-exposing Meteor Mitt liners. I buy most insulating gloves and mitts in large but on a hunch got these in mediums and the hunch was perfect; I sized down and they are tighter and fit a little better and allow for better tactility because of it.

Next, I just got back from 7 days on Isle Royale and the island and Lake Superior threw all kinds of weather at us: rain, thunderstorms, 45 F and rainy, warm and lovely. I used them when it was cold b/c I use trekking poles and need to keep my hands warm and used them around camp to handle hot pots (the leather fingers and palms are perfect for that) and to keep me fingees warm. They performed all tasks wonderfully. These are my new favorite gloves!

(Posted on 6/21/14)

Great! (Review by Ageorge)

These are awesome gloves for many uses, but particularly great ice climbing. They are light weight gloves and can get beat up doing lots of climbing and rappelling, but I have found a great solution to add life and warmth to these awesome gloves. Buy a pair of Luminary gloves, take the liners out and then wear those over the stomtracker when belaying and rappelling. This will keep your hands warmer at the belays and you will get some extra mileage out of the stormtrackers!

(Posted on 12/16/13)

Men's Stormtracker Gloves™ (Review by By Markardi)

I recently bought a new pair of Stormtracker gloves after having lost the left glove of my original pair. This new pair is the updated design that came out a year or two ago and I am disappointed with most of the changes they've made.I'll start with size and fit:The original pair was size large and was one of the best fitting gloves I've ever put on my hand. The length and girth of the fingers and thumb was spot on; the tapered wrist with elastic band kept it conformed to my body. This made them great for dexterity, tactility, and for fitting under a hard shell if needed.The new pair is also a size large and the finger/thumb length is still good, there is however way too much girth. I would need to have sufficiently fatter fingers in order to fill these gloves and as a result tactility suffers, I can't pick up small objects like I use to. There's also less/no taper to the wrist and the elastic is so weak (and half the size) that it hardly conforms to the hand. These new ones float more on the hands then conform. This also means they pull off easily when pulling off a shell where the old ones would stay where they were.Other features:They've moved the zipper from the center to the thumb side of the gloves. I actually like this as it's easier to do up. A downside is they've also changed the zipper to a less water resistant type. There's now a loop on the cuff of the gloves that might make it great for hooking onto something, but while they are on, they scratch/irritate the skin because the material isn't very soft and the edges haven't been folded in to round them off.The leather grain on these new gloves is more course than on the old ones. I do see this as an improvement as the leather should be more durable and provide more grip. Although there's no significant wear on the old ones (well, the right hand glove I still have at least). One dislike I have with the leather is it's now a drab grey rather than the sleek black it use to be.Quality:I would still say these new gloves are great quality. Craftsmanship is high, they are still warm and great at blocking the elements in the conditions they were disgned for.Final thoughts:Would I recommend them? Maybe, they're still a good glove. I'm going to try a size medium and see if the fit issue is resolved. I paired these original gloves up with my OR Mithril storm shell jacket and the combo is awesome. I just wish I knew where my original left glove ended up!

(Posted on 10/16/12)

Men's Stormtracker Gloves™ (Review by By MT skier)

I use these for the skin track, crossing spring snow fields, or downhill skiing. When I'm active I can use them into the teens. If I'm sitting on a ski lift or bombing down open runs, I get cold in the 20's. I add a pair of PL 100s underneath and I'm good into the single digits. I have a large hand and almost always take an XL. With these gloves, a large is snug enough to keep good dexterity, but large enough to slide a pair of PL's underneath.These are not waterproof, and once the leather is saturated they can be very cold. However they were dry for 6 hours of blowing snow and rain before they soaked through at my local ski hill. Crossing snow fields with an ice axe they were dry for up to 2 hours.

(Posted on 9/17/12)

Men's Stormtracker Gloves™ (Review by By Zach)

I cannot think of a better glove for everyday use. I have worn these on the slopes, walked the dog, driven, biked, hiked, backcountry ski'd, nordic ski'd, as well as ice climbed in these. They are so versitile and the dexterity is absolutely the best out there. SIMPLE AMAZING.

(Posted on 2/12/12)

Men's Stormtracker Gloves™ (Review by By B-Gil)

The best glove I've used for hard ice leads. Great grip, not bulky and awesome dexterity. I keep them in my jacket so they stay warm and then break 'em out for the business.

(Posted on 10/26/11)

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