Rangefinder Duffel

Style# 242683OR

DURABLE, WEATHERPROOF LUGGAGE FOR FAR-FLUNG ADVENTURES Available in two sizes, the Rangefinder Duffel is made from the best ingredients: bomber, weatherproof fabric; smart organizational pockets; stylish retro details; and comfortable carrying straps that double as lashing points and/or compression straps.


Charcoal Heather
Coyote Heather




  • Fabric Performance: Water-Resistant Body, Wateproof Bottom, Welded Seams, Durable
  • Design Features: RF Welded Seams, Zip Closure, Padded Handle at Side, Faux Leather Patches
  • Functional Details: Adjustable Webbing Straps


Fabric: 100% polyester 2L, 600D woven with TPU lamination main body - 100% nylon, 420D woven bottom

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 18.5oz / 525g (S)

Customer Reviews

Bought another one for the kid (Review by Christian)

I have had the large for awhile and I love it. Durability is great and I'm not worried about setting it on wet/snowy/muddy ground. I had to get the kid one...he can throw all his gear in there...boots, helmet, clothing etc...he loves it but I love it more because he doesn't lose everything. I wish they would make more larger gear bags in this material.

(Posted on 1/4/17)

Perfect for all travel! (Review by Chip)

I use the small bag for everything. Perfect for storage on planes with the hand grips on each side. I use the side zipper pocket to store my phone and wallet while going through security. I can comfortably use the hand straps to carry the bag by my side, fling it over one shoulder, and I've even worn it as backpack when I have other bags. I have the larger version but I only seem to use that for road trips or camping.

(Posted on 9/5/16)

xlnt (Review by drb)

This series is very durable, weather resistant, and good looking for international travel - without looking too "hikey". I travel by open boat often and have found my gear dry after numerous downpours. (Not immersible, but at that point luggage is moot!) I have the small Rangefinder Duffel, Backpack and Messenger Bag - all charcoal heather.
Love 'em all.

(Posted on 2/25/16)

Best duffle bag every used (Review by Melvin)

I travel a lot for personal and business reasons and I have always had to pack a lot of things. Being in the military and and outdoorsmen I beat my gear up.

With that being said this is a tough duffle with a lot of storage space. I can pack for a week in the large bag and the small carries enough for the gym along with a change of clothes for the day. It is constructed well and take a beating.

I will most likely get more bags to store more work and personal gear, can't get enough of this duffle.

(Posted on 1/2/15)

Lives up to its looks (Review by Jeremy)

I've been traveling with this duffel for nine months. I'm really happy with it.

* Just enough space for a weekend or a light week of travel.
* Easily fits underneath airline seats, even packed full.
* Can be carried by hand, over a shoulder, or as a backpack without a bunch of fiddling with straps and doo-dads. Carry it as you like and it works.
* Sturdy handles on either end make it easy to quickly pluck out of a trunk, airline overhead bin, or back seat without fishing around. (Natural to carry this way too.)
* No worries getting tossed around in rain, snow, dirt. Cleans up easily and looks brand new.
* Outer pocket is small and slim, perfect for a wallet, boarding pass, phone, and keys.
* Everything I need in a bag, nothing else. Not an overbuilt "macho" bag, and not too techy/outdoorsy. Simple, durable, high quality.

My only nit: the snaps that clasp the handle around the straps feel kinda fiddly in contrast to the high standard set by the rest of the bag. They work great, but I'd love to see a simpler, smoother, quicker mechanism than snaps.

(Posted on 11/25/14)

Long Time Coming (Review by Tom Murphy - OR Ski Ambassador)

Other companies have made welded duffels in the past but none have ever looked this good! The welded construction means you can sit on it at a muddy south american bus stop and know that everything inside will stay clean and dry and the classic styling looks great. I have both sizes and use them all the time. I would love to see an XL version of this bag in the 90L range.

Rarely is a product so spot on, this one is perfect and hopefully isn't going anywhere for a while!

(Posted on 4/20/14)

Bring on the travel! (Review by nancy)

I have needed a mid-sized clothing bag for travel for a couple of years. When I saw this bag, my initial thoughts were "oooo classic looking. It's OR. It'll be techy, too." I'm sold. I bought the small Rangefinder Duffel. The waterproof design resembles old waxed-linen luggage. But it is far from old fashioned. The design holds garments stacked in place, instead of the unformed models which allow your clothes to roll all over themselves. The handles adjust if you need to lace a jacket through the straps, or hang it off the handle of a pull checked bag. I've used it car camping and it hasn't shown any significant wear after being left under the truck in the dirt. I bought this for myself, but if you were looking for a great gift for the woman who has everything...this would be great. (Bought the Rangefinder Messenger Bag, too.)

(Posted on 3/28/14)

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