Lucent Heated Mitts™

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If you’ve struggled to find gloves that keep your hands warm in bitter winter weather, turn to the Lucent Heated Gloves and Lucent Heated Mitts. Built with ALTIHeat™ — a rechargeable battery-powered heating system that provides staying power when you’re determined to be on the mountain from first chair to last call — the Lucent Heated Gloves and Lucent Heated Mitts provide staying power for the coldest cold smoke. GORE-TEX® inserts make them waterproof, and lightweight synthetic EnduraLoft™ insulation adds extra warmth and cold-weather protection. Other features include a fleece palm lining, molded EVA on the back of the hands and abrasion-resistant goat leather strips on the palms.

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  • Fabric Performance: Waterproof, Breathable, Windproof, Wicking, Quick Drying, Soft and Tactile Leather Palm, Leather Palm Overlays, Molded EVA Foam Knuckles
  • Design Features: ALTIHeat™ Battery-Powered Heat Technology with Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, Customizable Heat Settings, Locking Zippered Compartment for Batteries, Removable Leash, Pull-On Loop, Glove Clip
  • Functional Details: SuperCinch Gauntlet™, Elasticized Wrist, Contoured Wrist, Pre-Curved Construction


Fabric: GORE-TEX® insert, 100% nylon shell, water-resistant goat leather palm, EnduraLoft™ Insulation 100% polyester, 333 g/m2 on back of hand, 200 g/m2 at palm, 133 g/m2 at gauntlet, Moonlite Pile Fleece 100% polyester palm

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 16.9oz / 480g (L)

Customer Reviews

Unbelievably good. (Review by paulnptld)

I loved my Lucents so much that I bought some for my wife.

Even without the heating elements, these gloves are warm. I tend to use the heat only on the lifts or on exceptionally cold days. Once you activate the heat, you can feel an immediate difference.

Battery life has never been an issue, but extra batteries can usually be found for around $25/pair.

The gloves are very well made, and the electronics seem fairly durable. The switch mechanism is very effective.

The only change I'd make? Replace the LEDs with a beep. During the day, it's difficult to tell what setting the gloves are on. Sometimes it's tough to tell if you've even turned them off. At night, the problem is just the opposite. The LEDs are so bright that everyone notices. So yes, a beep would be the better approach.

I can't recommend these gloves enough.

(Posted on 2/7/16)

Brillaint (Review by Merlene)

I was very dubious about buying more heated mittens as the previous ones I had (another brand with a 2 button switch) continually failed, and now don't work at all. I resoldered connections, but the wires kept breaking.
My first impressions when I looked at the OR mittens were the quality of the mitten themselves, the fact that the thumb was also heated, and more importantly, the thickness of the wire used.
I have used them for about 40 days now, skiing in Canada, and they are absolutely brilliant. They will last a full days skiing on setting 2.

I have had some minor issues with dud batteries from new. Both my husband and I have these mittens and we bought a spare set of batteries each for the very cold days. Some batteries just wouldn't last more than a couple of hours, and one set kept turning off. The connector on that battery pack was too loose. All have been replaced under warranty.

(Posted on 2/7/16)

Need Improvements (Review by lizzzzard)

First and foremost, these gloves are excellent quality and work great even without the heating mechanism. However, I am not sure that they are worth the price as-is. First, on a cold day (17 degrees), I flipped back and forth between medium and low and I only got about 6 hours of battery life. Ideally, I would like to see 8 hours of battery life on the medium setting. My second complaint is that I constantly accidentally changed the heat setting...all it takes is a brush against the chairlift, taking a pack on/off, or adjusting my jacket to change the level (usually from low to high). I think this could be an easy fix--maybe hold the setting you want for 10 seconds to "lock" it?? Third suggestion, it is really hard to see the colored light on a bright day, and almost impossible with googles, so it would take me a few minutes to make sure the gloves were off at the top of a run. Lastly, I agree with the other reviewers--I would love to see a USB charger and I am also concerned about the longevity of the connections. Would I recommend these to a friend? Probably not...bottom line, for the price, I want a full day on medium heat (at least 7 hours). That being said, if you are not out for more than 5 hours, then I would highly recommend even with the other issues I mentioned.

(Posted on 1/20/16)

Fantastic. (Review by Paul)

These mitts are absolutely awesome. First of all, they're as warm as high quality mitts that don't feature electronic heating. When your hands finally do get cold from spending time on the lifts, for example, I crank them up to high or medium for the ride up.

I can't speak to durability yet, and admittedly the way the batteries are configured has me worried about longevity. I purchased a North Face Met5 heated jacket a decade ago, and abruptly TNF dropped support and warranty backing for their $600 experiment. I was able to salvage it by soldering new batteries in. I can only hope that OR will back this product for a very long time, because it's the best money I've spent in a while.

Pros: Warm, well made mitts. Heating takes it to the next level. Easy to operate control buttons.

Cons: Battery pack durability questionable over the long term.

Wish list: Change battery adapter to USB. Then recharging them will be an absolute piece of cake, even on the go.

(Posted on 12/28/15)

Excellent gloves but need some improvements (Review by Amber )

I bought these gloves to use for winter biking. I spend up to 8 hours (or longer in races) out riding in temperatures down to negative 10 degrees or so, and I also have Reynaud's Syndrome. When I first got the gloves they were a bit too tight but otherwise worked great. Eventually the thumbs packed out and the fit was near perfect. The gloves kept my thumbs and the rest of my fingers warm and toasty for about 4-6 hours. After that I need extra batteries, though running them at the lowest possible setting does improve battery life.

I have an extra set of batteries and have to change them out regularly, this is where there are problems. After about 4 months the batteries did not stay on continuously anymore. The batteries didn't hold up very well to being frequently unplugged, removed and recharged. The batteries have 2 sides or "wings" with a small connection, and I think the connection has weakened from removing them frequently.

(Posted on 9/23/15)

Excellent, wife loves them (Review by Bean)

I bought these for this ski season for my wife. She loves them, other skiers are envious. She runs them on low heat all day and they are fine. Have been out in high winds and 0 degrees and they seem to work great. Will be buying some for me. No more heat packs!

(Posted on 2/3/15)

warm hands at last (Review by jojo)

I have been using these mitts for about a month now and I can only say great things about them. I can finally enjoy winter sports how that I have warm hands. Usually the low setting is sufficient. These gloves are so well designed. It is easy to use the heated function, they are nice and flexible and the grab loop for pulling them on is just the right size. The toggle for tightening and loosening the glove opening is also quite easy to operate. In one word they are AWESOME!

(Posted on 12/26/14)

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